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i'm with T-Mobile under the 9.99 internet plan.

basically,the problem is that my N900 keeps dropping on me, and i lose all connectivity until it jumps back up to 3.5G. in 3G, i cannot connect to any website at all. 2.5G works though. hardware issue?

plus i cannot make or receive calls in 3G mode after the battery meter drops below 50%. i get a "Connection Error" message, so i have to dial it back down to 2G to make or receive calls

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Most of the time I can't get any data over 3G as well.. 2, 2.5, 3.5 works fine. I'm with t-mobile as well, but in NL.
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I would recommend that both of you try a new sim card if you haven't already.
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already have. switched in my friends sim card (he has the 25 or 35 dollar internet plan), same issue.
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what difference 3g and 3.5g exactly has in your use case?
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Originally Posted by ossipena View Post
what difference 3g and 3.5g exactly has in your use case?
in 3G, no internet connectivity or call capability whatsoever. in 3.5G, everything works, but the phone is unable to maintain 3.5G consistently resulting in the internet and calls always being dropped
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Seems like an operator issue to me...

Though it's the standard thing with 3g.. Manufacturer blames operator, operator blames manufacturer, and nothing gets done.
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I have the same problem; with 3G - no Internet connection (the icon is there, that pops up when you have a working Internet conection - but when I try to open any page it just fails). Phone and SMS still works, but nothing related to Internet doesn't, even though the icon of successful internet connection appears in the top bar

Everything works w/ 2.5G & 3.5G
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Hi, I just registered to confirm that I also have this problem. I'm in the UK on O2. Internet connections work in 2G, 2.5G, 3.5G, but not 3G.

I thought I was imagining it at first, and it's been difficult to confirm, as my phone seldom stays on 3G as it usually manages a 3.5G connection. I'm glad others are confirming that this is problem.

Perhaps a way to confirm is to continually ping some address while trying to get it to switch to 3G from 3.5G? I'm not sure if there's a reliable way of doing this.

Unfortunately, I don't have another 3G phone to test if it's my network/SIM rather than the N900.

I'm on the latest version of the OS, by the way (UK edition).
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Hmmm, just tried the pings and it worked on all modes, so there must be some sort of connectivity.

However, I updated the catalogues on fapman and the progress bar doesn't move on 3G until it changes to 3.5G. Likewise with gpodder, updates totally stall while on 3G but rattle through on 3.5G.

Is there a way of forcing 3G rather than 3.5G to help diagnose this?

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