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As a follow-up to yesterday's patch, here is another tweak to hildon-desktop. This modifies the layout of the launcher icon grid, so that it is not a continous list, but split into pages of three rows each.

Patch: hildon-desktop-2.2.138-1+0m5_paginate-launcher-icons.patch

Example screenshot of "second page" (rows 4-6):

Example screenshot of last page (padding at the end to fill the screen):

What this patch is missing right now is a modification of TidyFingerScroll to add another scroll mode (in addition to PUSH and KINETIC) that makes the scroller "snap" into pages (like the iPhone springboard or the MeeGo launcher). I did not have much time to look into this, but a Clutter wizard should have no problem implementing this. I'm thankful for any help there

TidyFingerScroll is implemented in tidy-finger-scroll.h and tidy-finger-scroll.c in case you want to get your hands dirty

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Thanks for this!
Can you add a gconf key to enable/disable this?
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Originally Posted by CepiPerez View Post
Can you add a gconf key to enable/disable this?
Sure. Once the snap-to-page code is in place, I'd be happy to revisit the patch and make it more generic and optional. For now, I'm looking for somebody to help out with the snap-to-page code, as I don't have enough time to play around with it myself.
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please continue with these patches, they are simply awsome!
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Nice hack. It would be good if someone could replace the scrollbar with dots, one of which should be highlighted to show the current page, like iOS, Android and MeeGo.

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Thumbs up!
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hey !! great job ! maybe you could propose a deb for those who can't use scratchbox ? ^^
it would also nice to have a deb including that patch and the one for task switcher also !
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Hey..could someone post a Deb for this...i really don't know anything about scratch box..but i want this ! !
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Great job.

Is it possible to add support so that pressing the letters, moves and show where is the application related to keystrokes?
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Didn't check if it works. But it compiled without errors.

[added]Ok it does work. Make sure to install from console.

[added] Second file is two in one. Two column task switcher + menu

Thanks for the super patches, thp.

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