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i am facing problems logging in my yahoo IM serive in the IM menu of says "couldnt connect due to network error" i deleted the account and decided to re enter the yahoo account username and password....when i enter the username and password and tap sign in...nothing happens.....i tried again and it said NOT SIGNED IN.......what is the problem.....i cant understand will be obliged.....
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I was never able to sign in with my "N900 and now I can't sign into facebook. i doubt anyone has a solution because I asked around even made a thread and to no avail
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Same problem here with Yahoo. Days now and no success in logging into Yahoo.
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just noticed it too, that and AIM...

has something gone awry with lib-purple?
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As of last night, Yahoo works again.
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I've had similar problems but with AIM and Skype.
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Recently AIM is not working for me too. Any suggestions?
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I received this mail today :

Dear ********, Nokia is partnering with Yahoo! to power and improve your Ovi Chat experience in the coming months.To continue using Ovi Chat and take advantage of future enhancements, you need to accept the additional Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat by Yahoo! Terms and Privacy Policy. Please click here to start. If you do not accept the new terms, you will be unable to access your account once we launch the new service with Yahoo! Sincerely,Ovi by Nokia
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Ok, I've tried adding another AIM account to my n900, and that seems to be working... for some reason, my main account says "network error." I don't think it's a password issue because I was careful, but also because those errors are listed as "authentication error"
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I've been having the same problem, so just accepted the new terms then deleted and re-added my account, and it's working. Finally!

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