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Advanced Clock Plugin replaces the standard clock in the status menu area.
Benefits of Advanced Clock Plugin are that it is easily customizable and offers a number of different "clock styles" like, binary or decimal clocks.
You can, e.g., choose whether to display seconds or use a "twelve hour mode".

This project is currently in a very early stage and hence may feature a number of pitfalls..
Please keep this in mind and only install it if you like experimenting and can tolerate possible bugs.

Advanced Clock Plugin initially started off as binaryclock-plugin.
Thanks again to Mentalist Traceur who suggested to extend this and make a general version.

Comments, suggestions etc. are highly appreciated.
Edit: Advanced Clock Plugin is available in extras-devel.
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Looks nice, I will try this now

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I always loved the binary clock widget but kinda saw it as cheating as you had the time in the menu bar anyway.

Will definately give this a go
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Ok, I just installed it, it works great and I like to have seconds displayed
But I have two suggestions:
-Make the settings appears in the phone's settings instead of taking precious place on status menu applets screen.
-Add an option to use the default font in decimal mode, or even a smaller one.

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This is very much appreciated. This is what I love about open source software development, and developers like you who are responsive to their users. I installed this the moment I saw it in the repo today. Works great.

I've been thinking about the settings option as megateriak suggested... I'm unsure. The space in the status menu is indeed "precious", but you can always scroll. I also modify /etc/hildon-desktop/status-menu.plugins to give priority ti things that typically get pushed to the bottom, like simple brightness applet.

However, MohammadAG's put out mods to increase the amount of
applets that show up by two (both in portrait and landscape, if desired), so that if you like more visible without scrolling, there's that too. So I'm of two minds. On the one hand, having it in the status menu is extremely quicker to access. On the other hand, how often does one access their clock settings, is a good question too, since most people probably don't change it that much once they settle on the one they like... *Shrug*

Megatariak: I'm sure that because it's python, it should be possible to both have it use default system fonts and resize the current used fonts. Just looking around right now, looks like all you need is marginal python knowledge and you can tweek /usr/lib/advanced-clock-plugin/clocks/ to change the font size yourself from onboard the device.

Line 33 of that file, as I understand it: self.context.set_font_size(45)

Just edit with one of the avilable editors as root. Might need to restard hildon-status-menu, but most likely just switch to another clock style and then back.

I'm thinking if Maemo 5 stays alive just a while longer, and this gets popular, we'll see themse including their own clock styles and perhaps Theme Customizer can have an ability to plug in it's own clock styles, modifiable from within Theme Customizer UI? If Dlivil and Wonko are up for working with each other.

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Cool stuff! Could this lead to the option to display the date as well as the time?
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Probably, yes. I mean, all you need is to know how to fetch the date from the system with Python, and you can write a clock 'style' that's basically the same as one of the other clock styles, but fits the date in there.

Actually, this also means you can stick in fancy things... Like, make a 'clock' style where the top half is the time, and the bottom half is, say, Internet data traffic, wifi connection quality, and cpu + mem usage (if python can display all those things without being too processor intensive... As far as I know it should be able to). Hmmm... I need to get on that python learning thing I've been meaning to do.

- Edit -

Just keep in mind that you have space constraints - the N900's status area clock icon area can push everything else in the status-bar to the left, which means if you make your hypothetical clock style too wide, you'll make it impossible to press on the actual status-bar's area that a running application uses to possibly put its menus into, or whatever. Especially in portrait. Not a big deal, just something to be aware of for any python-savvy would-be clock style makers.

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I just uploaded version 0.2.0 to extras-devel.
New in this version are two more clocks to choose from: an analog clock and a decimal clock including the date.
Currently, the date format is "".

Furthermore, it should be straightforward to create custom clocks.
Just have a look at the provided versions in "/usr/lib/advanced-clock-plugin/clocks".
To get started it's probably best to simply copy an existing clock and give it a new name.
In the current implementation it is important that the file name and the class name are exactly the same (case sensitive).
The return value of the "get_name()" function is the name which is used in the selection dialog.

In order for the new clocks being available you need to restart the status menu:
pkill -f /usr/bin/hildon-status-menu
If you want some more descriptive debug output just start it as follows:
DEBUG_OUTPUT=1 /usr/bin/hildon-status-menu
Note: this will leave hildon-status-menu in foreground, hence, you have to terminate it with CTRL-C.
Else, you could append a "&" to that line.

Edit: Advanced Clock Plugin uses Cairo.
There are a number of tutorials out there, e.g.:
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Am i missing something because installing this only disables the default clock.

Edit: Works with the new version!

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It is now almost perfect with date displayed
It just miss the little bell next to the clock when you have one or more alarms setted up.

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