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I just watched the Movie yesterday and near the end of the Film when McClane pursiues the Van with the evil guys and the evil hacker hacks the F-35 (or whatever plan it was) i saw got a glimse of a 770 in the Background.

After reading about the Tablet in Silver Surfer i just wanted you to know...
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yup, i also watched the movie in yesterday and as you said it was shown in a glimpse of an eye... happy to be the owner of N770
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Uhh, what do you think Reed was playing with the whole movie? Well, besides the freaky blue eyed chick. I think this makes three threads about this now.

Weird, could have sworn this was a fantastic 4 thread the other day. My bad.
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Yippee-kajay, WinMo - therf**ker!

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I demand a refund.
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I just finished watching this movie, paid extra attention to that scene...sure enough:

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nice screenshots
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This thread is WIN
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does anyone know what phone the other guy was using?
bruce and that good hacker

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This Thread is locked due to copyright claim from 2Oth Century Fox studios
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