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apt-get shows

The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
  rtcom-accounts-plugin-facebook rtcom-skype-emoticons-theme rtcom-accounts-voip-support as-utils cherry libshiboken0.3
  pyside-qt4-gui modest-home-applet microb-geolocation pyside-qt4-core libpyside0.3                                    
Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.
Never do what apt-get suggests! Do not autoremove

Removing rtcom-accounts-voip-support breaks the SIP function, so you can not select SIP for call type in dialer, inbound SIP calls and outbound via contacts direct dial are aborted immediately, and in SIP accounts settings advanced, the "use for phonecalls" checkmark option is gone.

Reinstall rtcom-accounts-voip-support if you got that problem.

[2011-03-09 21:02:37] <DocScrutinizer> Corsac: you reinstalled rtcom-accounts-voip-support?
[2011-03-09 21:03:01] <Corsac> yeah
[2011-03-09 21:03:29] <Corsac> yeah, seems to work better


ps: I added a matching check to that apt-get wrapper on
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