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Originally Posted by zehjotkah View Post
Focusing on the functions and the feeling it's a lot better.
But it's still crashing every now and then...
Which is not at all uncommon for Mobile Maps either. It also crashes every now and then. )

Still, will AURA work on MeeGo DE ?
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I'm not the developer.
I have the app because I have very good contacts to Sygic and I'm testing beta software for them. I hope the good contact remains after this video.. (I haven't asked...) O.o
Will it work on MeeGo DE? Does unpackaging a .deb work in MeeGo DE? If not Sygic will repackage it, at least for internal tests.
Can I distribute it? Hell no!

edit: why it won't be released for maemo? Too little potential _customers_ (not userbase!) and MeeGo is just some months away...

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And i guess the licences for 9 and 10 are invald when it Comes to aura. anyways Thank you for the video.
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Thanks for the video. It does show AURA running on Maemo though..

If they are developing this for MeeGo, why can't it be ported to Maemo as well?

I'm not a programmer but correct me if i'm wrong, both MeeGo and Maemo run Qt, do they not?
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Since it was running on an n900 (with Maemo), they don't need to port it, they already have it but will not release it. Typical for commercial stuff...

If you need another reminder why you shouldn't sponsor companies like Sygic, this is one.

I'm glad I donated for modRana and didn't give one cent to these *****
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Looks awesome, pity about no maemo support but if the meego phone does come out and its as good as we are all hoping then I guess its not a problem.

Sygic has been great on my N900 so can only assume Aura is as good or better than sygic 10.
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Originally Posted by zehjotkah View Post
edit: why it won't be released for maemo? Too little potential _customers_ (not userbase!) and MeeGo is just some months away...
How many customers will it take for Sygic to release Aura for the n900?
I've bought SMM 9 and I would definitely buy Aura.
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sad that genuine sadness, AURA for Maemo in beta mode, letting us know that we will not have available .. that hurts
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Sygic did say on there site that they would phasing out Mobile Maps and rolling out Aura to all OS's excluding Maemo. there focusing on Meego which makes sense.. would b pointless releasing it for Maemo when it's officially a 'dead' OS

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also I'm pretty sure I read that it's gonna be a free upgrade for MM10 customers. although I'm not sure what they think of upgrading Maemo MM customers to Meego Aura.

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