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There seems to be a lot of threads discussing these tools spread all over TMO. Unfortunately my builds are getting lost in some of them, so I thought I'd do everyone a favour and consolidate them into one thread. I haven't had chance to look at N9/N800 yet, so all packages are N900 specific at the moment.


Version: 2.4+20121230

Latest version of Debian "Jessie", modified and optified for N900
Compared to version in extras, this one has librtmp split into a seperate package to allow developers to make use of it.

Requires rtmpdump and librtmp0.
Only install -dev if making use of librtmp in your own package.

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Version: 2.86

Latest stable upstream version.

Now in extras-devel queue

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What is it

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Nice one, thanks Android_808!
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Shockwave has recently been updated stopping get_iplayer working on my Ubuntu Desktop.
Run the following from a terminal to add Shockwave Verification file to the prefences.
Your get_iplayer will now be fixed.

get_iplayer --prefs-add --rtmp-tv-opts="--swfVfy"
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thanks for the info.

unless they've changed it again in last few days, my get-iplayer version should be using the updated path by default. the method you mention is for those who are not running snapshot. i would add it is worth removing /home/user/.swfinfo to force update

there is talk of a new release shortly so this will then be unnecessary.
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i've got an sd card ready for laptop to install latest ubuntu lts. i intend to setup harmatten sdk on it and will have a go at n9 build. might be over weekend, probably longer

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This is brilliant, working nicely for me... am watching Eastenders recorded by it as I type.

Might be nice to come up with some sort of conditional wrapper script for PVR use on a N900, checking that we're on a known WiFi network, that we're on charge, that we have enough free space for the recording, and any other relevant factors to record whatever shows we might want to follow in the background. I can probably hack that back together as a shell script, but maybe with a working get_iplayer, someone will throw together a GUI for it...
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2.83 has been released, includes a few more fixes since last snapshot. I'll try to update in next few days.

WebPVR is included but as noted elsewhere doesn't work correctly in places. Never used console commands much for PVR.

As for a GUI... I started modifiying cuteTube but had to rebase it on latest version to make it easier to maintain. Version pictured was original with basic search, portrait support, information (pictured), related (series) look up, categories built dynamically and download of individual shows. Re-write remembers listed transfers but download code incomplete. most other previous support is in place.

Only issue is reliability over 3G of rtmpdump. Resuming doesn't always work. Both versions are using get_iplayer at the moment, but may change.

I've not posted it because a) it currently doesn't do anything fruitful b) not sure about breach of t&c's
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Reliability over 3G isn't an issue for me; with just a 1GB data package and a typical TV episode involving ~100MB of download, I think I'll be limited to downloading on my cable connection at home.

I've updated the script to 2.83 from GitHub but not having any luck with the live streams, still not sure if I've got all the possible dependencies in place, but this is not a priority for bandwidth/reliability reasons as above.

The real use that I see for it - which is where PVR comes in - is to specify the TV shows that I want available on the phone, download them automatically overnight by default (subject to being on my "home" wireless SSID), remove anything older than about 1 week to limit disk usage. I can probably achieve that without a GUI, but it'd be nice if there were a PVR application with this as its first backend, perhaps with the potential to add other sources later.

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get_iplayer, iplayer, rtmpdump

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