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Since there have been a lot of requests and demands for this and the current instructions aren't exactly clear for the basic user to understand, I made a simplified guide on how to get the HTC style Flip Clock/Weather Widget for your N900.

This guide is based on my personal experiences yesterday, and literally yesterday I had no idea on how to create this widget, but now I have done it!

The apps you need are QueenBeeconWidgets (QBW) available in app manager, and wget (apt-get install wget)

The rest is in this guide which I have broken down into four easy to follow sections.

I have also included an option to have this widget in portrait or landscape mode (not both) depending on your preferances.

Just follow the steps as I have written them and you should be fine!

Here goes...

Section 1:

1. Download the 3 attachments from here:

Save them to an easy to access location, such as desktop.

There should be 1 image zip folder and 2 text files.

2. Extract the zip file to a folder of the same name. In that image folder, delete ALL images/files/contents except the one called 'panel'. Rename this 'panel' image file to 'qbw_flipclock'

3. Put this image in /home/user/.queen_beecon_dir

3. One of the text files is for the weather, called "Yahoo Weather" (lolwut? yes really that simple), open it in notepad and look for something along the lines of "" in the text.

This is the bit you need to edit. But don't do anything yet.

4. Go to yahoo weather, just google it to find the web address. On that website type your location (dont use post code as it can bug dont know why) to get the weather on your area, e.g London or Beckton to be more specific.

5. Once you can see the weather in your area, copy the link from the address bar and paste it into that yahoo weather text file you got open in notepad. Paste it between the "..." so it looks something like this:


6. Save and close this file. Now move both of these text files into /home/user/MyDocs

Thats the first section done. Now moving on to second section.

Section 2:

1.Click on this link

And download the following zip files:

qbw_flipclock_images_(GuyHoffman+No!No!No!Yes!).zi p


Ignore the other files.

2. Extract the to a folder of the same name. It should contain 6 text files. Delete the first 4 files, so that ONLY the following files remain:




3. Move these two text files in to the /home/user/MyDocs directory

4. Extract qbw_flipclock_images_(GuyHoffman+No!No!No!Yes!).zi p
to a folder of the same name, it should contain many image files.

5. Firstly look in this folder for a qbw_flipclock image file, DELETE IT. Then put the rest of these image files in /home/user/.queen_beecon_dir directory.

Congratulations, section two complete. Now for section three.

Section 3:

1. On your n900 go to /home/user/MyDocs using filebox or file manager or whatever way you prefer. You should see the 4 text files you copied here. (2 files from section one and another 2 files from section two)

3. Open any of these files except
, so open any of the other 3. They should open in quicknotes or whatever notes app you use.

4. Copy the entire content of this file (press ctrl+a and then press ctrl+c)

5. Close this file but leave the MyDocs folder open. Go to add new widget and add the queen beecon widget to your desktop.

6. Click settings and go to advanced. Press yes on any prompts or warnings. Don't worry about reading them.

7. In this advanced window that opens, you will see a white dialogue box. Delete whatever is in this box and paste what you copied from your text file. (press ctrl+v)

8. On this same window, scroll to the bottom and you see another white dialogue box with some options above it.

9. On the options above this second box you have just seen, first click 'Export Command to Buffer' and after one second, click 'Import Buffer to Beecon'. Click yes to any warnings or prompts.

10. a) Wait. After some seconds it will show you a view of your desktop, give a quick success message and take you back to the settings window of the beecon you just created. See step 10. b) before touching anything.

10. b) At the moment you have created a landscape beecon, if you are happy with this, then just click the "Save and Run" option you see to the right.

But I want a portrait HTC style weather widget, so if you want the same, then on the window you are currently on, scroll down slowly and read the options, some of them will say Angle: 0*. There are 4 of these "Angle" options per beecon and all say 0*. Click the 0* and choose 90* on all of them. Then click "Save and Run" option to the right at the top of this window.

You have to do this while creating the widget, you cannot do it after, even though the option is still available after, if you change angle after creating the widget, it bugs and does not update. So do this while creating the widget, before you click Save and Run!

11. Repeat steps 1-10 once each for the other text files in MyDocs, except for the
"5_qbw_flipclock_day_digit.qbw.txt file."

Do not touch this file yet until you have repeated steps 1-10 for the other 3 files text files that you had.

12. You should now have 3 beecons/widgets on your desktop, one will be a panel/background, one will be a weather widget and one will be a widget displaying GPRS data/IP address.

13. Now repeat steps 1-10 for the
"5_qbw_flipclock_day_digit.qbw.txt" file. But you must do this a total of four times so you have four of this same beecon created on your desktop. At the moment it will look like four separate 0's on your desktop. This is fine.

Congratulations! Section three is done. Now for section four.

Section 4:

1. Click settings on each of the four "0" beecons you have. At the top of this window that opens, there is something in brackets like [id3]. Ignore the brackets and just note down the id's on a piece of paper or in your head.

E.g. in my case I noted down id3 id4 id5 id6

2. Now go to settings on the beecon that looks like a rectangular background panel. On this window click the "edit cmd" option.

3. A window should open up with two boxes, the bottom box looks something like this:

For example: y=id37 m=id38 d1=id39 d2=id40 w=id etc.

After each id number will be a funny symbol. DO NOT TOUCH OR DELETE THIS SYMBOL AT ALL

4. Just delete the id's of y m d1 d2 and w, leave the = sign in place so that it is in between the letter and the funny symbol, with no spaces.

5. It will look somethinglike this:

y=[] m=[] d1=[] d2=[] w=[]

I used [] to represent the funny symbol.

6. In the same box there is h1=id42 h2=43 etc. for example.

7. Doesnt matter what the current id's are, we will be using the four id's that you noted earlier.

8. My id's were id3 id4 id5 and id6 . Yours could be different or the same. Doesn't matter, you use your id's that you noted.

9. Enter the id's in h1 h2 h3 and h4 after the = sign, before the funny symbol sign, without any spaces. So mine looked like this for example:

h1=id3[] h2=id4[] h3=id5[] h4=id6[]

10. Once you have done this click "Save". It will take you back to the previous window.

11. Now scroll almost to the bottom of this window where it says "Update Policies and GPS Locations"

12. You should see a few options that say "No". Click the following four options, "Startup, Desktop, Sight, Click" and choose "Yes" on ALL of them. Also click "Interval" and choose "30 seconds".

Some people may say to tick/choose less options but trust me if you want your widget to update properly, then choose the options I have mentioned above

13. Once you have done that, simply scroll to the top of this window again and on the right you should see the "Save and Run" option. Click this..

14. a) You are done! Edit the sizes of the widgets if you like, to your preferances. If you do change widget sizes, please read step 14. b) and 14. c)!

14. b) If you change widget sizes, thats all fine and good. But after you have done that you must follow this step:

14. c) After changing widget sizes, go to the settings of the Background Panel Widget.

On this window that opens, scroll right to the bottom, there should be a box saying something like "Remember Me" or "Remember Me Value" and this box will contain some numbers.

Just delete all the numbers it contains, so that this box is completely empty. Then scroll to the top of this window again and click "Save and Run" once more.

You will need to do this step every time you change widget sizes so keep that in mind!

15. Enjoy your widget!


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If you have followed the above steps correctly, you should get a widget that looks something like this (mine's laid out for a 'portrait' style desktop)......

Attached Images

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everything seems fine, except i have an image not found when loading the weather apreciated
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Thank you so much for this tutorial, this is the first time I've used QBW and it worked at first attempt
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@ ironm8 you will need to install wget to get the yahoo images,, from root..
apt-get install wget

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Originally Posted by ironm8 View Post
everything seems fine, except i have an image not found when loading the weather apreciated
My mistake, as mentioned already, you need to install wget.

I will fix my guide to mention this in the original post
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I installed wget but it's still saying image not found
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done ! thanks
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Originally Posted by garen View Post
I installed wget but it's still saying image not found
Just delete that yahoo weather widget and remake it from scratch. It should be fine.
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Thanks mate, keep up the good work. support Noobs. hehe. I got the HTC style clock in my n900. I can show off my friends now. N900 is the Best.

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