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As requested by user Custodian, who seems to be maintaining this package, please find below additional and current information. As quoted (with some typos corrected):

I currently maintain Nelisquare, and have released huge updates (lots of features were added recently).

Packages are available in the extras-devel repository, and the main development site with source code, screenshots, wiki and issues is available at github -


Hey guys,
Tommi has just tweeted the release of Nelisquare, a new Foursquare client for the N900. Read about it here.

Screenshot from his website:

I haven't downloaded it yet, but I will be soon, and will post an update once I have. Some users have suggested they've had problems, but apparently this is related to the Foursquare API being down.

Edit: Finally got around to installing this app, haven't had much of a play yet. As you will read from other posters, this app has a dependency on libqtm-11, which has dependencies to other packages that are in Extras-devel.

So to successfully get this app running, either before or after installation, enable extras-devel (with all the usual disclaimers, read here), and do the following in xterm:

apt-get install libqtm-11
This installs the QT Mobility APIs that the app requires, I'm not sure if it breaks any other apps.

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Hmmm..... looks promising, but when I launch it all I get is a black screen.

Not sure why the API would be a problem to just get the GUI up. Not that any of my other FourSquare API using apps aren't having any problems right now...
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I had black screen as well but after that it started working:

(Install as root)
apt-get install libqtm-11

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i am fan of this guy, i wish i could be as awesome.
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what does this program do ? Didnt really get it.
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@shnigi may the google be with you. It's a client, for a location-based web service.
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Does anyone know if Nelisquare uses the original Foursquare APIs like Barriosquare does or if it uses the new APIs like Fourcircle does?

Don't want to emotionally invest in Nelisquare if it uses the older APIs since those will be DOA come August...
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Holy crap, this app is beautiful!!

Only bugs so far:

Took a stop and restart of the app after account authentication to dismiss the copyright/ownership popup dialog

The "Please Wait" message sometimes does not dismiss even after the GPS locks on.

The app can't display the "places" "me" "to do" or "friends" row of icons unless you are in portrait mode.

The "To Do" icon just goes to the places list, so to-do seems to not work.

But hot damn it's pretty neat. Sometimes I forget how fast and smooth QT apps can be on the N900!
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Thanks for this app but I canīt use it because a screen with about donīt disappear never

I have PR1.3 CSSU lastest update.
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I just get a black screen at startup and nothing happens after that !
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