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No one will be able to capture just how huge a contribution you've made to Maemo over the years, both technically and in your attempts to keep the greater community informed.

When you look back, I hope you don't see the numerous troll threads by ignorantly self-entitled users making "demands" instead of contributions. Instead, I hope you remember a very unique project which grew far beyond the planned expectations of everyone, and I hope that your work in MeeGo will be even more fruitful.
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My N900 and I will always be waiting for you.

Hope you come back immediately after Elop is fired.

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there's gonna be a big hole left to fill here... been a great trip...

one of the best, your efforts with Maemo; Mer; and Meego have been very much appreciated over the years, even if some of them have not panned out as originally envisaged.

i hope that this decision is not a result of some the disruptive members around here. It's a shame if it is, but understandable..

best wishes

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sorry to see you leave man, but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do. thank you for all your past contributions to the maemo/meego community as they have been instrumental in getting our devices to where they are today. best of luck in your future endeavors. take care and be well. ciao
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Peace. From the comments here you can see how valued you have been. But, you will have to leave the planet to get rid of me ;-)

Take Care.

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Well its about time I guess. His posts with utmost logic, reason and kindness always seemed out of place here, and I felt there were maybe 3 others like him.

I hope this doesn't mean he will discontinue his passionate work with MeeGo.
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Unfortunately, Stskeeps will always be associated by me with one of the biggest wildgoose chases this site ever witnessed, which was the Mer mirage, which was succeeded by what turned out to be the MeeGo mirage -- at least as far as Nokia was concerned, and Stskeeps was heavily involved in that, too, assuring us that Mer was not so much dead as assimilated into MeeGo and the victorious march toward Step 5 out of 5.

I think, though, that the reason Stskeeps stands out so much is that he refused to hide out in the traditional Nokia way, not that he was fully with Nokia anyway. He was one of the few straight-talkers that we could rely on.
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oh well i guess this was inevitable. thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the n900/n8x0. i have always appreciated the moment when you ride in on a white horse to set the record straight and keep nonsense from prevailing. your candor and transparency on the meego hardware adaptation is much appreciated as well.

you will be missed
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I fck love moderation of this place :|
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Originally Posted by gazza_d View Post
i hope that this decision is not a result of some the disruptive members around here. It's a shame if it is, but understandable..
A quick peek at Stskeeps' recent post history reveals that his departure most definitely is the result of a particular disruptive member who has sucked the life out of this community, and the enjoyment of working with it. members have repeatedly seen abill_uk antagonise Stskeeps, as if he is some embodiment of all Nokia, and then act as though he has some right to demand what Stskeeps do. The ridiculous behavior of a spoiled child.

While Stskeeps contributed and brought information about what is possible or in progress, abill_uk repeats misinformation and contributes nothing. I sincerely hope that such constantly disruptive behavior will not be tolerated on the MeeGo forums.

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death to trolls, fish for thanks, stskeeps, thanks for fish, thankyou

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