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I installed httrack from the instalable apps menu some time ago yet despite showing as installed it wasn't to be found in extras or anywhere else.

I just updated the list of instalable apps and noticed webhttrack there. I installed it but once again it's nowhere to be seen!

Any ideas?
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I'm pretty sure it's a command line / or local html doc controlled kinda program.... no launch/icon.

I miss 'save as pdf' (and quick search bookmarks) ... perhapps in next upggrade.'s Avatar
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if it matters I rebuilt httrack for harmattan :

-- which websites will you copy cache using #Httrack on #MeeGo #Harmattan for #n9 !n950 ? I am about to #travel
For the 5th year in a row, the Tizen community will meet again at FOSDEM.

What you can expect from Tizen Community, this year :

Meet and listen to Tizen developers from worldwide
Look at demos at EFL/Tizen booth (K building, Qt and Gnome should not be far from us).
Eat at Tizen Community's dinner
Learn and discover about Free Libre and Open Source software.

Note for latest news about Tizen at FOSDEM, please refer to wiki :

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