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Thanks to AapoRantalainen who ported freepascal compiler 3 roguelikes from Darren Grey ( are now playable on N900:

Gruesome - Gruesome is a game in which you play the grue, hunting adventurers to eat in dark caves whilst avoiding the painful light of their torches.

Toby the Trapper - Toby the Trapper is a roguelike in which you can only harm enemies with traps you lay. Control the fast-moving Toby to outwit the smelly ogres and the unique bosses, before taking on the evil might of Wuggy the Warlock.

Unstoppable - When an unstoppable force meets an indestructible object... You are a robot with impenetrable armour, and you wield a gun that fires bullets which cannot be stopped. You fight lesser robots on a looping map the only danger is yourself as the map becomes ever more filled with your unstoppable shots. Clear each level of its robotic denizens before moving to the next, and eventually face up against the lethal Rogue AI.

You can compile them yourself ('fpc source.pas' is all it takes) or use attached binaries (just chmod +x and make sure the screen is big enough, vi keys used mostly).
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