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I am working with Christian the dev of Evopedia to bring the Wikitravel archive and its forked sucessor to Evopedia as a processed searchable and linked dump for that reader most of us are using for offline wikipedia.
Wikitravel is a pretty large and in depth project with useful user updated worldwide travel information and street level tips and even updated pricing that wikipedia as an encyclopedia lacks.
Currently Nicholas who is involved with both wikitravel and a forthcoming fork, he also has his own project which is a dumped and HTML converted archive which is useable now with a web browser.

It seems to be a good start to a hitchikers guide to the galaxy.

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I'd love to have the wikitravel info on my N900 alongside wikipedia. Whenever I'm traveling I use wikipedia to look up stuff about surrounding places of interrest. Somtimes the wikipedia information falls a bit short, so I think wikitravel info would make a great addition.

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