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i recently did a factory settings restore on my n900 cuz it was giving me headache, some suprising stuff come out after that:

when i went to a media player i found out that the media content has increased in numbers both on video and music, when i searched where they came from i found out that they came from a folder called Games used by webos game manager cuz i have three webos games installed, what i am wondering now is why the media player added these files while in the previous days i didnt (i mean before restoring default settings).
Any one help me out to solve this cuz i want those content from a Game folder out of media player, i cant delete them cuz they are used by installed games.
thanx in advance
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You can tell the media indexer (Tracker) to exclude certain directories:

And if at all possible possible, stop writing "cuz" and "thanx" and use their normal counterparts instead.

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