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CNET article: MeeGo OS fading fast? Intel says it's 'still committed' though a "report surfaced today that claims Intel will temporarily halt development of its MeeGo operating system..."


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survival of the fittest, life is simple.

greed that delivers vs idealism that stops midway

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This is hardly news; Intel has always specialised in working with bloatware companies who need several cores just to run the UI; it's what keeps Intel in business.

The only MeeGo device to hit the market, once slated to come with a 1.2GHz Intel Atom, actually comes with another Cortex CPU. It's not creating the greatest use case for Intel...
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It's the autumn trend to end operating systems. Even if Android may be facing some unrest amongst non-Motorola cell phone manufacturers.

I guess they heard Elops 'three ecosystems' and thought, if Symbian can't be counted amongst those, we sure as netherworlds can't.
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From what I can see, this is a rumor. Nothing from Intel, officially. Let's wait for Intel to make an announcement, may be soon at the IDF.
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News like this is something that gets leaked but not announced.
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According to the MeeGo mailing list the intel version of the MeeGo handset UX currently isn't fully maintained. The netbook edition is also in a maintenance mode. I believe only the N900CE ARM handset UX and the tablet UX are actively developed (and maybe the car-systems UX, but I don't know anything about that).

So that leaves only a very, very small amount of users for MeeGo. (practically non-existent). So I can understand why Nokia decided to make Microsoft a partner. If you are going to try to setup a new platform and application ecosystem, you should try to get the strongest partners you can, or be sure that you can do it by yourself.
Looking at the delays Nokia experienced in the development of the Symbian^3 and MeeGo-Harmattan devices, the non-existence of any Intel based smartphones, and the speed that iOS and Android is progressing, I agree that Nokia/Intel can't do it by themselves.

So yes, MeeGo and the software related to the project will have a very different role now that the biggest backer decided to change its bet.
But I think "dying" is overly dramatic, the different parts will just get very different lives

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...quiet lives.
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Elop is the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Kill Meego and Symbian and there is no future for them, ergo he is correct.

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MeeGo is a solution without a need. So long as hobbyists/developers cannot find hardware with open specs/drivers to write and maintain drivers themselves, and the hardware manufacturers lack interest to provide such support and updates to said operating system, it will never find a compelling platform to exist upon. It will languish thanks to that very same lack of openness and paranoia that Nokia continued to cling onto by not using open-source friendly components and by making VERY sure you couldn't remove their own proprietary code to which the open-source was welded and twisted tightly into the fabric with incredible dependency. Money and efforts wasted on MAKING SURE you couldn't open it up entirely. That was the Nokia way and this is the result. Nice job leading the way, Nokia. Adding insult to injury was getting Intel to join them in on MeeGo and then bailing on them. I'm sure that didn't help the platform either.
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