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hey everybody:

Everybody is extremely excited about the new Software comm update as it now includes a SIP client, but I have found that it is extremely difficult to find a reliable one.

Most of them let you install software but they are no SIP setting anywhere to be found and they are CERTAINLY need it to configure the sip info on the n800

SO DOES ANYBODY...know any reliable FREE sip provider out there and that also gives you a Call -in number(so people can call u from their phones) or at least a valid SIP number to use with SIP and easy to configure on the N800. BEtter if you are already using it, and If you could please let me know about the configuration.

Thank you again

P.S: I heard of Grand Central but not sure how good is it... Anybody has an extra invite send to.. scrappy898(at)

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Grand Central provides a forwarding number but isn't for use with SIP. You'll still need a SIP number with GC.

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I'm now using GrandCentral as a call-in to my Gizmo Project (SipPhone) account - this works with RTComm well, follow the instructions at the RTComm web site. Still haven't found a good callout service - I'm both a cheapskate and untrusting of some of the places with too many asterisks next to their advertisements.
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Draytel offer the ideal SIP service, no fees, no monthly subscriptions, free incoming geographic number, outgoing call rates are reasonable. The snag for most on this forum is that the incoming geographical numbers are UK only.

This is interesting, lists VOIP (SIP?)providers in respective countries and rates them by Call Quality, Support etc. If nothing else it is a useful list of sip providers in your location along with an assessment to aid evaluation.
Voxalot claim to allow access to all of them. I need to look more into this service when I have a bit of time.

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I also use Grandcentral for my real land line inbound number with gizmo, works nice.

All we need is a free outbound SIP provider for gizmo, and we have a free wifi phone.

Some one out there has to be offering good qualirt free voip, say with a 30 second ad in the begining of the call to support the call costs..

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Why not signup with , this is purely a VOIP account , but can easily be used with the sipbroker pstn Numbers.

This gives you a free 'local' call-in number in most cities around the globe.

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If you want a free geographical number in Italy, eutelia is for you.

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IPKall anyone?

They provide free Washington state area code phone number that you can forward to any SIP account... I have used that in the past with Sipphone (Gizmoproject).

I also learned recently that Gizmoproject allow outgoing calls to some PSTN phone numbers free. They call it backdoor dialing:

I tried it and at least T-Mobile (USA) cell phones can be called free! When I called my T-mobile cell using it, it showed a 660 area code phone number that I could also call back from cell to my VoIP, all without ever purchasing a PSTN number for my sipphone VoIP account.

EDIT: Just in case you wonder, sipphone (gizmoproject) support standard SIP, and I use that account with my Grandstream hardware SIP to PSTN adapter linked to my home phone as second line. The primary line is from Vonage.

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thnaks for voxalot

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Can anyone else still goto the ipkall signup page cause it fails to load for me.
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bada rox

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