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Allright so like someone (jalyst perhaps? let me know if I am mistaken) posted in one of the bigger N9 threads, there was this:

I did a little narrowing down and posted the "Q&A" of sorts on a norwegian forum for easy reference to what he actually answers.

Figured you might like it too. Ill try to keep it updated as more questions are answered.

Q: "But is it so that N9&Meego will only be a test platform for example for future UI ideas but there will be no new Meego devices? Or is there any commercial future for Meego devices?"

A: "Yes, the UX will continue on, as has been stated multiple times.
Based on Meego? I dare not comment."

Q: "I totally agree that some UI elements need a larger invisible hit area."

A: "I also agree on the hit area issue for buttons. But not only invisible hit area, perhaps the buttons themselves should also be a bit bigger. We have been discussing that recently a bit."

Q: "Another example where I can't understand the UI idea - in the clock app you have to press such a small button to add an alarm. Please make the hole line/text touchable. (I think it would look even nicer without the 'plus' button)"

A: "Yes, clock hit area might be the entire area indeed."

Q: "things that need to be solved in current release. I just hope this is already fixed in upcoming firmware.

* "services connections" seems to dissapear sometimes :-/

* file upload in browser.

* when in landscape the toolbar should be at bottom instead of top. Why? Well this is because several times a have by mistake pressed on the menu button when "scrolling" (holding my tumb to near the menu)

* a "small delay" in event view when pressing on a message so user doesn't by mistake open the twitter/facebook app. (Done that several times when scrolling the feed :-/

* make sure scrolling is "saved" when pressing on a feed so next time swipe back I dont have to scroll done too position I was.

* Mediaplayer if clicking on albumimage show the albumstrack instead of pause/play

* cursorkeys on vkb, and make the magnification glass work in qt-components and better than current its seems very buggy atm. :-/"

A: "Browser toolbar in landscape should indeed be at the bottom. We are planning to get it to autohide in 1.2, but no promises (it's not on the top of the to-do list)

Event feed scroll position remembering: It will remember your position if you open a feed item and the swipe from the side and you'll be at the original position. But when you pan in homescreens, the paradigm dictates that we always show the top area of each view. Sorry.

Media player album to show album and not play random track. I could not agree more. I have been whining about that since spring.

Magnifier works in 1.1 much better than in 1.0."

Q: "I love my N9 so far, but I`m concerned about the battery. It lasts ca 24h on average use (I expected more...). The "battery usage" app shows that powerconsumption in idle-mode varies from 10 to 15 mA. At 15 the app shows a warning of "battery draining" (has happened twise). Is my battery a "rotten" one??"

A: "You don't have a rotten battery. The applet just has a threshold of saying when the idle consumption is so high that you won't get near optimal standby time, but less. The variance is greatly dependendent how misbehaving the apps & bg services happen to be. N9 is slightly uncontrolled system compared to WP of iphone (for the good and bad)."

Q: "One thing I would love to see on the N9 is the possibility to write text messages using a classic numeric keypad with T9. Using the tiny qwerty buttons can get annoying."

A: "our input method framework (MALIIT) is very flexible input framework and putting T9 there should be easy peazy. Come to think of it, I've even seen it. ANyway, won't come from Nokia, but you could easily get some other developer to do it."

Q: "I hope there will be folders for the app screen. It can get pretty tedious to look for an app once you've installed more.

The wi-fi reception is quite weak compared to other phones. My N9 can't even detect a wi-fi network which my Galaxy can detect, connect and surf. Can anything be done in firmware to improve this?"

A: "Folders will come in 1.2 to home screen. And it's not only apps that need it. If you start using bookmarks a bit more, it's really irritating to not to have bookmarks. Guys in Oulu say that the work should be complete for the feature, so it's about 3 weeks to have decent polish on it. It's one of the "big" features of 1.2

Wifi reception was one of the issues where we had to be dancing on the SAR boundaries. Although wifi in general has been improved by leaps and bounds in 1.1. For me at least, the reception is now perfectly good."

Q: "The missing back button issue can be solved easily. Actually the "swipe down to close" should be standard behavior. But you must land in the calling app, or higher level menu. Currently you get to the multitasking view and are lost somehow.

Another small issue are those switches you have to flick. If they are close to the screen edge and you want to flick them screen inwards, you can have some problems. Tapping them should be enough. Visually they can remain flick switches.

Where is the nice media player we had on the N900?"

A: "We did make swipe to close as default in 1.1. For the exact reasons that everybody agrees. We actually made the feature just in time for the launch event (like few days before it), and while everybody loved it, we weren't sure that do we make it as default or not. So, being rather on the safe side, we put it off by default. Then after longer period of use, we cannot live without it anymore, and all resistance for having it on by default was gone by the end of the summer. In 1.2, the close will also switch to just close the window, so, it should be exactly what you want. We added some visual hint that close is about to happen so that the switcher view wasn't necessary anymore. Originally we rooted user there in swipe-to-close case so that user would see the window closing and hence undestand that the action actually toggled closing. Anyway, by default in 1.1 and more logical and visual in 1.2.

The switches are tappable, at least in 1.1.

We have now two distinct players: music and movie. I think music player is much better than the one in N900, except for missing dlna, and the poor main view album cover UX blooper."

Q: "Great post. Thanks for keeping us in the know. Also, thanks for those 3500+ improvements coming the N9's way. What is 1.2 about? Any new features or bug fixes/improvements. Are you allowed to speak on that yet?"

A: "1.1 is all about reliability, performance and polish. 1.2 is all about adding new features. As it turned out, 1.1 already had plenty of features, mostly due to slipped schedule."

Q: "In one-handed operation, using the thumb to tap and swipe, the palm touches easily the screen edges on the long side. This leads e.g. to unwanted jumping into RSS items on the notification screen. Sometimes other unwanted side effects can be observed.

There should be a guard stripe on both long sides, maybe 5mm wide. Within those stripes, no tapping is accepted. This area can only be used for swiping.
This should not have any side effect to applications. At least the notification/feeds screen would not suffer, normally you would tap clearly inside the screen, not at the edges. This guard area could be configurable per app, as some apps might need those edge stripes."

A: "Yes, we could think about disabling touch interaction for the side margins."

Q: "Another thing, how about a graphic equalizer for the music player? I agree with Mike7b4, tapping on the album image should show the tracklist, not pause/play. Also there should be a facility to delete music files within the player."

A: "I think graphic equalizer would be better served as a standalone app. (show effects on currently being played back music)"

Q: "Swan song...No more effort will be done on Meego?
Sad...very very sad"

A: "Certainly more effort will be put, but no more products. Plan is of course that the qt as a development platform continues."

Q: "how about notification/notes, upcomming events on home screen ( after you double tap to unlock )?

and a flash player 10.3 on browser?"

A: "upcoming calendar notifications has been discussed a lot. I can't remember why it's not there, but there was some reason for it...
No comment on the flash support."

Q: "Is there copy/paste feature in the upcoming update?"

A: " There is "universal copy/paste" in 1.2. Of course there is partial copy paste already in 1.0 and 1.1."

Q: "I would REALLY appreciate if you could clarify a bit on the surprise issues that held back the release? more precisely, a lot of people seem to interpret that as a validation of their theories that the N9 was intentionally delayed becuse of the WP strategy or because Mr. Elop simply wants to sabotage it. needless to say, I don't believe that was the case.

so, if/when if you cannot say what caused the delays, can you PLEASE at least put an end to these silly conspiracy theories? unless they are true of course. "

A: "There was no conspiracy behind the delay, just **** ups on multiple different things that were all found one at a time. In HW, SW and production. If I compare this with N900 sales start, we knew all the issues n900 would have pretty much a month before we hoped to make a sales release, then on the last days we agreed that what we have done so far isn't good enough, and delayed it by 2 weeks or so. But it was perfectly trackable. On N9 these issues were coming totally from the blue sky on last minute. One at a time. Fluke of bad luck. I hope you understand that I don't want to be more exact about the issues."

Q: "Since you seem to know a lot about the N9, I would like to bring to your attention a small bug in the email application. Mail for exchange works fine, but when I add a second email that requires information on the outgoing server the programme does not let me do that without adding a username, i.e. the programme requires that I give a username also for the outgoing server. Annoying problem, since if I add a username emails are not sent .... (at least I think that is why there is an error message when I try to send emails from this other account)."

A: "I hope the issue is solved already. Please create a bug to :"

Q: "How much are you expecting Nokia to improve on the Maps and Drive applications?"

A: "maps and drive will likely have quite low amount of improvements after pr1.1."
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Q: "When is the first update coming? And is the version going to be.. 1.2? My N9 says that it already has 1.2 version."

A: "I cannot disclose any dates. First update is labeled PR1.1, second PR1.2 and so forth. Currently you have PR1.0 (a.k.a. sales release)."

Q: "Any one conform the below updates will come on meego

1) Video Calling Support
2) There should be some delay in the notification before opening the page like how it is in video gallery.
3) forward and reward option while playing video.
4) touch sense on Chat Window should improve .
5) Email sync every 5 minutes.
6) Bookmark should be folder ed or integrated with Browser
7) Java support
8) Adobe Flash support
9) More HD GAMES
10) Video call integration on Skype.
11) Back key and Copy paste
14) 4 th and 5 th Homescreen if possible"

A: "Video calling may or may not come, I'm not sure atm.
You can seek already in video playback.
You can set email to be even always up-to-date, and there is a 5 minute sync option as well afaik.
I already answered on the bookmarks and folders.
Java support is not going to come officially.
Flash support may come.
More games will definitely come, but none is HD, as the screen is WVGA.
Copy paste exists already, universal copy paste is a feature of pr1.2.
Back key? come on, it's a abomination on all platforms, windows included.
What would you put to 4th and 5th home screens?"

Q: "I think quite many corporations are using WPA + LEAP.
N9 doesnt seem to support that. Is LEAP on the roadmap
or should I write a feature request to somewhere?
Would Nokia Care be the right place?"

A: "I am not sure of LEAP. I did a quick search in bugzilla and we have no bugs for that. Only explanations are that 1.1 has flawless implementation or there is no support. I tend to lean on the latter. Write a request to nokia care."

Q: - we cant edit phone numbers that we have dialled. For ex, i dial 0227855656 but the good number was 0227845656. I can copy the first number i dialled and paste it (in a new call window) but i cant change just a number, i have to erase everything. I think this is very important
- it would be nice to deactivate ALL the email sync in one time, maybe at the same place of the skype/fb status
- during a conference call it would be nice to have the possibility to see who is participating and possibility to close a call with a specific person
- possibility in skype to see only connected people
- when i'm playing to GOF2 i can't swipe away: normal?"

A: "Good comments, I'll pass them forward. In skype you can probably select from menu and choose order by status. GOF2, like other fullscreen games usually deactivate swipe during the active mode. Press pause button and then you can swipe. It's intentional. We have API that allows apps to define specific regions on the sides where swipes won't work. Games usually disable it completely when in active mode to make sure no accidents happen."

Q: "Annoying Mail for Exchange-bug with the N9:

This annoying problem seems to be large-scale with the N9 devices. Here's how it works (read: Doesn't work)

I had my device running with MfE from thu 13.10 until this morning (17.10) when it dropped. I've been following this problem with our company's Mobile-guys, and the thing is that everything is working normally at the server, policies etc. I've removed and re-installed my Exchange-account four times to my N9, it works for the 1-2 first sync-times, and after that the connection drops to the Exchange-server. The mobile-guys said that my device does not even connect to the Server, normally the cycle is within 30 min, if it is working normally.

I am totally frustrated, and im hoping that Nokia will come up with a patch soon to fix this issue, as a seven hundred euros worth of equipment SHOULD NOT have these kind of bugs.

Other mail-accounts works normally (POP3, IMAP)."

A: "Sounds like a bad situation. Probably fixed in 1.1, as it has tons of exchange fixes, but just to make sure, perhaps you could create a bug to . I would like to say when 1.1 comes out, but cannot."

-app store for symbian ported to Meego
-any major developers committed to providing apps in the near future to it
-what is the solution if your phone gets locked and if i dont have the code to unlock it"

A: "Swype is coming soon.
App store for symbian is never coming to meego.
Cannot comment about 3rd party developers.
If your phone is locked and you don't remember the lock code, you need to reflash it completely. Or try >10 times and it should wipe itself of all user data (may depend on user settings)"

Q: "Just curiosity: as you wrote earlier PR1.0 was frozen already springtime, has PR1.1, and maybe even PR1.2, been ready also for some time? Are you able to comment has PR1.1 been shipped to developers?
Any comments of new features coming with 1.1 or 1.2? Would like to hear some hype "

A: "1.1 is now out for developers, so the exact day when it's for general public will start to depend on operators and regions.
308 task or features were completed for 1.1.
Low power mode enhancemens, battery charging and silent profile are now shown in there. TOns of NFC and connectivity improvements. Performance enhancements, visual tuneups (e.g. toolbar has a shadow now). Splash screen has been taken to wider use. Color management is less nervous than before (neutral sRGB space color palette is now used always, except in clearly outdoor situatios, when oversaturation is applied to adjust how eye desaturates content in brightness). Lock screen music controls have been added. Swype keyboard has been added, and keyboard switching is very smooth with swipe gesture. 1.1 is all about being faster, stronger, bettter. It succeeded on all metrics, reliability, use time, performance, long period use. All metrics for 1.1 are simply outstanding.

1.2 is not frozen, so I won't comment on its content. However, it is officially feature enhancement release, so, it contains a lot of new things."

Q: "Konttori, do you have any idea if there's any updates/fixes coming to the video decoders? The N9 features list h.264 BP/MP as supported, but MP(Main Profile) stutters a bit when b-frames are used. It's pretty odd, because b-frames are quite "simple" when talking about decoding complexity, so there isn't a good reason for it. It looks like a bug to me."

A: "1.2 has decoder enhancements for h264."

Q: "How about adding also possibility to add persons as "application shortcuts" on applications window? The same way as bookmarks are shown."

A: "Contacts as shortcuts is possible, simple to be done, but not in the books at the moment. Please write to nokia care about that. And create a bug."

Q: "The thing I'm missing in the Drive app is Favourites. Another annoying thing/bug I've noticed is with the Facebook account. It seems to forget password for it and ask it very often. Sometimes several times during the day. This happens both on my N950 and N9. Has anyone else noticed this too?"

A: "Drive has recent places, you'll have to live with that, I'm afraid. Facebook issue is very annoying indeed. I think it was solved on last days of 1.1, but I could be mistaken. We did talk a lot about it then."

Q: "About skype there is no menu inside skype neither in the config to order by status. In fact i can see this option in the contact list. Its good but in this case i cant see anymore my bookmarked contacts that are usually on the top. The online friends could appear above the bookmarked contacts?
For me in this case bookmarked friends could appear more little, like 2 contacts per line!!

I have other few ideas/optimizations :
- in contact list i have my phone contacts and skype contacts. It would be nice that the only-skype contacts are with a skype icon.
- i have about 900 contacts and to go from A to Z its long. We could find maybe little arrows that bring us on top or at the bottom of the page. Or even better the little point that appear on the right when scrolling the contacts should be touchable to go faster where we want.

And then a question: is there a way to have automatic feed in the notifications?"

A: "I like the idea of "smaller" bookmarked contacts. Use the side fast scroll bar to navigate quickly to the top and bottom. Put your finger on the right side of the screen, near the edge and start moving it up/down. I don't understand what you mean by automatic feed in notifications?"

Q: "Will firmware images for N9 be available for downloading without NSU?
For example, I can find firmware images for N900 here:"

A: "yes, there will be also non-nsu images afaik."

Q: "I desperately needs to be able to share photos on Twitter! I can't believe this was left out of the shipped units. It is essential!

And also I would very much like to be able to receive push notifications on mentions and retweets in the Twitter app. And preferably also searches. Will we see that coming?"

A: "Hmm... I'll relay the wish. Might be in already, I've never used that. However, push notifications I'd love as well. They were supposed to come, but, yeah, I don't see them either."

Q: "Sorry my 'english', but I hope 4. homescreen to modify. I will few links/widgets to contactlist, example my wifes foto to phone/sms/e-mail, like N900 I have.
It was more fast and easy call to wife - you know"

A: "Sorry, widgets based home screen is not coming. It's against the paradigm we aimed with the current 3 view homescreen. You should place your wifes image to lock screen bg. Open gallery, open image and select set as background."

Q: "I was a very long iPhone user and now changed to Nokia N9 (my second nokia after 3210 a few years ago). I'm quite happy with the new phone, also the os is just great. nevertheless I'm missing some things:

- avatar: why we can set avatars for friends, but when they call us the photo is not showing up?
- Videocall, specially for Skype
- Whatsapp, nowadays an essential app which provides free messages on any devices
- world clock
- app for stocks etc (should be standard for a smartphone)

are those things considered for a future update? Or maybe already available (I'm still a newbie in regard of Nokia.. )"

A: "Hmm.. perhaps coming in 1.2. No comments on video call. whatsapp has replacements on platform already and we offer deeper integration. I would assume more services to be integrated soonish. Stocks apps to ovi store. Chinese edition has one by default though."

Q: "about the 'allow background connections' settings for both Mobile Network and Internet Connections (WIFI), is it possible to set different value for each of them, i.e. I want the option to be off when I am on Mobile Network but on when I am on Internet Connections (WIFI)."

A: "Good idea, but not going to happen. I too would love that."

Q: "Does any of the updates (1.1 or 1.2) contain any fixes to the onboard Facebook application? At it's current state it is pretty much unusable. Freezes, lags, has some major flaws (for example regarding fbook-messaging). I'm way happier with just, but that isn't integrated with the feeds -view."

A: "Facebook has tons of fixes in both 1.1 and 1.2. I'd say it's bearable in 1.1."

Q: "Here's a few things I'd like to see on my N9:

-Birthday notifications in calendar
Just like on S40 phones, were you could add day of birth and the calendar would know how old the person gets.

-When pressing some persons profile icon while in facebook chat, it will show "(unnamed)" on the profile, can't merge it with contacts.

- Ability to open/download documents via browser."

A: "I'm not sure if the birthday support is coming or not. I think it is, but not sure. Please raise to nokia care and raise the other issue as well. Documents will only be opened in the documents application, not inside browser, sorry (although, I like it that way, so I'm really not that sorry)."

Q: "- loudspeaker is very low, my n95 loudspeaker was much much better, any way to have a louder sound??

- if i want to send a phone number of a friend to another contact i can send the "contact card". Thats good, but on some phones people dont realize they received a contact card.Or we just want to insert the number inside an sms. Solution: it would be nice, if inside the contact (with no need to edit the contact) pressing on the number (or email or any contact info) we could just copy what we need.

- battery: i dont think i received a notification when battery is finishing. I'm wrong? I'm always suprised finding my phone closed.

Then i have a few questions:

- when the ovi suite/nokia suite will be compatible with n9 to synch the n9 online?
- i know that you told us that no numpad will be launched neither voice control, but its really a contradiction to have a so powerful phone with many functionnalities and not be able to write something correctly without being a woman

- as i told you the activation with double tap doesnt work each time
- yesterday i was to the fitness, (my phone was in the cloakroom) when i finished i was happy to show my n9 to an iphone fan....but internet didnt work (facebook app and the browser)! I had to close the phone an re-open it and then it was ok....bad advertising
- yesterday i received an sms and i didnt received a notification
- facebook app is quiet long to open.

A: "yeah, sucks to have low loudspeaker. Buy one of these: http://www.engadget....o-pair-with-yo/ (just kidding, I truly also hate the low volume). N82 had great loudspeaker. If I recall correctly, higher volume was causing some bad resonance on the device and that's why it is like it is in n9. Universal copy paste is coming in 1.2. Battery notification was tuned for 1.1 and should come every 2 minutes while in call, every 5 minutes when display on and every 30 minutes when display off. Swype keyboard should help you in writing, as well as turnign device to landscape. And stil somebody should do numeric T9. Double tap was re-tuned a bit for 1.1. It's a bit more reliable again. Facebook starts faster in 1.1."
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Q: "i, Any plan to implement a music control through the lock screen/home screen?"

A: "1.1 has lock screen controls. It's in the top of the screen and at least I'm pleased with how nicely a nuance the controls look. Currently playing song is on big friendly letters, replacing clock when you are playing music."

Q: Konttori, is it a "feature" of the N9's amoled screen that black text on white (for example web pages) cause "bleeding" of very slightly pink lines from the text? Or is this some kind of manufacturing (or very weird software) fault?
And the weird thing is that all text on screen doesn't cause this. It is like there is a invisible line, that when it intersects with black causes the bleeding. Here's a ms paint illustration

A: N9 has Pentile OLED screen. You have no idea how much time I've spent taking macro photos of the sub pixel rendering artefacts. We spent a lot of time working with the display manufacturers in making the best possible sub pixel rendering for pentile. Basically, on this PPI, you cannot get traditional RGB matrig, you need to get, pentile RGBG, where B and R are 2/3 of a pixel size. Every pixel has green element and either R or B. Green controls the luminosity for the most part to human eye. As R and B are big, human eye actually even sees those pixels, and that's what you see as red bleeding on left side of sharp lines and green bleeding on right sides. Oh, crap, now I looked at you photo. No, that should not be happening to my knowledge. I'll take a look tomorrow on your example case on both displays we are shipping with (we had plenty of versions of the displays during the making on N9, some times to the better, some times to the worse)

Q: I encounter another issue relevent to N9's update mechanism for apps. I know that Nokia Store support update for apps now, however, it doesn't show in a centralized area where you can just choose update all. I have to go to All Downloads and scroll through the list to check through any updates available

Secondly, when I go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Updates, I would expect that hitting the refresh button would pull all the relevant updates in to the screen. However, that did not happen as it tells me that the device is up to date where I find so many of the apps I installed on Nokia Store already pushed for new updates.

A: Yes, that sucks. Afaik, guys are working on that for 1.2.

Q: is there any plan to implement video recording stabilization (even still)? I've seen the iPhone 4S's stabilization and it simply is amazing!

A: glad to hear that you like the post and the product. No image stabilization, it would require a gyro, which iphone has and n9 doesn't. Seems like 1.2 has some sweet camera improvements though (but no comments on what, sorry).

Q: When can we expect the firmware update to be release? I've screwed my N9 so here I'm hoping it would come as soon as possible...

A: Should come soon, afaik. There was a last minute delay just now for some really ****ed up reason (totally business reason, not SW quality).

Q: - Is the equalizer coming to the music application? N9 has a great music quality but the lacks of the equalizer is immediately felt when coming from an N91, N8 or even an iPhone, and it's a shame, i can't use my beloved N9 as my "main" music player

- No plans for an FM transmitter implementation like on the N900?

- Email client is among the best but as the N900's one, it can't recognize or handle phone numbers in the core of the email...symbian Anna has this...

- Slide to event feature is cool but when using the device with one hand it becomes tricky to do the gesture, any chance to slide vertically the event instead of slide it horizontally or let the choice to the user via an option menu on settings.

- Any camera features/fixes hints? Is zooming on video coming? Led flash on video coming?

- Intelligent speed dialing (like on N900 or Symbian^3) is coming? i don't like really like to do it from universal search application as there's no filter, i'd like to have a intelligent search for contact from speead dialing menu, i was very upset to see that my N8 has it and not my N9

- How about a bigger picture when someone is calling? we have to use this outstanding screen for something useful right? everything is swipe away ok, but it should be everything is a eyesight away

- Answering call is becoming tricky nowadays ! I like the idea to slide up then click to answer, it protects us from accidental answering, but why not making it one step task? Like slide up to answer, as simple as that

- Use more screen space to show action on call, actual size of icons/buttons don't much with the screen resolution/size, it's relatively small.

- In agenda, why not add 'tap to create an event" as on symbian^3' having to click on "+" to add an event IMHO don't stick with the "one touch" paradigm of Maemo5 and Harmattan...

- In some menu like Wifi connection or bluetooth menu, when choosing a network or device to pair with, i have to select this device and then click on "connect", why just make it a one step as on maemo5?

- How about show calendar events on lock screen when double tap, it enables to have a sneak preview of your upcoming event with just touching your device.

- On maps application, if i choose to walk or drive to a location, i can't choose from "contact" or from "my favorite" saved landmarks, for the first i have to do it from the contact application, for the second i have to do it from favorite sub-menu on the maps application...this is not the best implementation i've ever seen, even symbian did this "partially" better

That's all i want to have a perfect N9 and use it as my main device reliably

A: Dude, that's a long list. No EQ for official player, hopefully 3rd party. FM transmitter is not even possible afaik. FM receiver is possible. N9 email client should allow you to manage phone calls from emails. No hints about camera improvements. They are coming, but no comments. Pull down the contacts list in speed dial to get search field. Bigger picture would be nice. Not sure if they got it done on call ui side. Lock screen has the support for full screen avatars for incoming call. 1.2 at the earliest. Answering a call used to be a single gesture and then somebody started complaining that they don't understand how to answer with text message (swipe to the side and click on mute, then text). Anyway, I really hate the current two step approach, but it was design call. I tried resisting it on multiple occasions if that's of any consolation to you. I agree on your agenda suggestion. Dunno why it was not done like you say. I'll send an email to the architect. Next calendar events would be something to improve indeed. Won't be done however (shame). Drive and maps would benefit from that indeed.

Q: I want to know if actually its possible to sync my phone with ovi online?

It would be great if we can synch our phone by wifi!!

Anyone know if we can make vpn? or even better like logmein control our pc from internet?

Do I have to wait the update 1.1 to buy apps? When we are going to make the update, do we have to install all the apps again?

A: you can buy apps already. You can sync in wifi. VPN support will come to ovi store.

Q: Please, let us change the colour of the clock when the screen is in standby mode!

A: You need a new theme. The color and font of the clock are themed, and can be re-themed very easily. It takes 2 minutes to do. I can make an example for you tomorrow.

Q: is there any plans to let the user change the system font? Some of the messages can get very tiny and not all of us are young!

A: Themes can change the font. It's a shame ovi stoe doesn't have any yet. As a resort, you can go, set deveoper mode on and edit /usr/share/themes/blanco/constants.ini file (from top of my mind) and set the fonts there to different size, then reboot and voila. Anyway, all that should be very simple with theme.

Q: I'm a little afraid of the applications related to N9. He can really run Android applications as many people have spoken? Some basic applications like e-Buddy, Nimbuzz and WhatsUp are not yet available, could ensure that these applications will be available for N9?

A: Android compatibility is not available yet, might be, might not. You could try contacting those application developers directly, however, I would assume a port of pidgin or similar would happen pretty soon to provide whatsup level of communication.

Q: 1. Is there any upcoming changes to the Video player app itself? (such as feature or UI enhancements)

2. I use the lock code method to unlock and it's very laggy. Sometimes, it's so laggy that it can't keep up with the numbers I'm pressing. Is this being looked into?

3. Sometimes when I swipe left or right at the home screen, it can get extremely laggy and choppy. (like 5fps or worse it seems) Is this something that can be fixed or improved?

4. Can the lock screen be modified so that you can swipe off the lock screen even with non-edge swipes? It can get really annoying trying to swipe off the lock screen from the edge when using only 1 hand etc. It makes it more difficult and less comfortable to unlock. (glad I can edit the mce.ini to unlock using double-tap of the power button at least..)

5. The top status bar can get really laggy also. Even with zero apps open, the animation is often not smooth. Also, it sometimes pops up when I try to swipe top-down to close an app. It's very easy to accidently activate it. Can this be changed so the status bar drops down only when you double-tap? It would make it less prone for mistakes.

6. Will smart dial be implemented into N9? It is sooooo much easier to just find and dial someone with smart dial. Lack of smart dial is a huge minus on the N9 for me.

7. Is there any plans for updates to the N9 web browser? (such as favorites, history, options to change user agent, disable auto-rotation etc etc)

8. Is there any possibility of something like this for the N9 UI?

A: 1. Video player won't have usability improvements. Better get a 3rd party app for those. It takes probably 200 LOC with qml and qt-mobility/gstreamer to create a better video player (usability wise) than the currently shipping one. It would be a nice hobby project for somebody. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly OK video player if you have 10 videos, but it certainly doesn't work well enough if you have a lot of videos.

2. On boot, the device is awfully loaded during showing of the device lock. I have done my share of complaints, but changing the boot sequence was deemed too risky to do. So, sorry, you'll be stuck with the lat at least until pr1.2.
3. Lagggy swipes in hope have been fixed for PR 1.1

4. It will need modifications to nokia proprietary code. So, no. It was done as it is, to make sure that consistency of swipe is the same always.

5. Top status bar lag has been fixed for pr1.1.

6. I have no clue what smart dial is, so, unlikely, but never say never. I don't know the finer details of the call ui.

7. Browser has been improved heavily for 1.1, but not on the UX front. 1.2 has some feature improvements.

8. It was discussed on the road, but deemed as distracting from the original concept of the recents screen. Needs changes to nokia proprietary code, so cannot be changed easily.

Q: I have a question and don't know if Konttori can help me, but my N9 when is charging don't have the withe led blinking. Only have black screen with clock. Some users reports this issue as an software bug, do you know anything about this?

A: It's an unfortunate bug that has been fixed for 1.1.
1.1 also includes a battery charging indicator in low power mode (LPM).
Wait for the update, it will fix it for you.

Q: Can we expect reliable PBAP/PBA with 1.1?
It seems to be working, but not very well:

A: A lot of work has been put to better interoperability of BT with cars. I don't know of the exact model you have, but likely the situation is better in PR1.1

Q: The N9 preloaded facebook app is quite terrible. Is there comming improvemts on 1.1 or 1.2. I think that it's not possible to change "default" fb-application? even the web-version or the Fmobi works a lot of better than the native app..

A: It's much better in 1.1. I agree that the quality is sub par. It's pretty much adequate on 1.1. Not great, but OK. It's good to leave room for 3rd party apps

Q: Moved to N9 from HTC Desire and still missing two things
1. "Back". Sometimes it is arrow at bottom sometimes cancel at top.Sometimes it is missing. And my thumb is too short to reach top. Today swipe left and right has the same meaning. How about swipe to left? Or round counter clockwise - like MS undo icon hints. Then we would also have forward like redo is.
2. Pin some applications always on and top of the open app screen. Calendar is good example. other option would be able configure it visible in to events list - future events.

I'm sure that design team has discussed these to death, but...still miss them. They would not break the concept as the point has now been made - this is just so close also my idea of simplicity, but sometimes too much simplicity creates some complexity. Fine dance as you know.

A: I would have loved the carouselling apps. I think I mentioned in my blog post that it's the thing I would have changed, as it would have allowed getting rid of the back button.
We discussed the pinning several times, but deemed that would have needed one special sauce we never added to the OS. And without it, it doesn't make enough sense to do. I agree that your case makes sense. We still won't do it, but it makes sense, as it would allow widget-alike experience. Perhaps I'll have one last chat about it.
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Thanks for this. I read a bit of his/her blog and it was a heck of a lot to sift through late at night so I just turned it off.
This makes it quite clear. Thanks and keep us updated. Hope you are enjoying your new N9 as well you lucky SOB.

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Q: Any chance this can be considered to be implemented

It's basically swipe diagonally from different corners/edges as a music player control function (next track for one corner, pause for another etc).

A: There is a gesture control tool in ovi store that allows something very similar to be done that the idea conveys. Lock screen has the controls now, so I don't see particular reason to add one more way to control music. Especially as I assume more and more people to use spotify and other online services for music consumption (which do not adhere to the platform logics anyway)

Q: I want to praise you on a commendable job in answering all these questions! I have a couple which I can't find mentioned which are related to the mail application. First will you be able to search server for old mails and secondly will you be able to search the outlook directory for contacts?

A: Thanks, I try to spend half an hour in the evenings answering to you guys.
Exchange contacs lookup support is in PR1.2.
Old email search is not going to happen afaik.

Q: my girlfriend bought also a N9. She was on iphone 3g before. I lost 4 hours trying to import the contacts from the iphone.... i export them with itunes, then in vcf from mac, but my nokia pc suite dont want to import this vcf and it crash any other way to do it? im becoming crazy... (exchange method dont work)

On the N9 very often when scrolling a list (contacts for ex) it selects an entry when you wanted just to scroll the list. Same thing in the feed screen, very often it opens me the facebook app. Is too much sensitive. The PR 1.1 will improve this aspect ?

A: This video should also help you move the contacts from iphone to n9:

Mistaps are indeed very annoying. I think it's better in 1.1. Not completely gone, but noticably better.

Q: can we have swipe to delete in the email app?

A: Good idea. No, great idea! I'll see what we could do

Q: I hate to bring this up again but my problem with email accounts after changing SIM card has happened again, the first time it happened I had to factory reset the N9 with the second SIM card and add the accounts again (see previous post above) to fix the problem. This second time I changed back to another SIM card and the problem didn't appear at once, it actually took 7 days(!) and now the accounts won't fetch any new mail (one Gmail and one POP3). When this happens the fenix process takes a lot of CPU time to start with and then the messageserver process takes almost all CPU. Se this screenshot:
Someone over at Maemo talk told me that the N9 handles 7 SIM cards - but only when device lock is enabled..See
Is it possible for someone to search/file a bug for this?

A: I encoutered it myself for the first time now. Fix is simple: Remove your mail accounts, then enable developer mode (settings/security/enable developer mode), then open terminal, type: rm -rf .qmf/*
(and press enter). It sucks, but this is the fix. Anyway, somebody should file a bug about it.

Q: - Will it be possible to search for text on a web page (ctrl-f)?
- In the email client, I find my self trying to double-tap to zoom, as done in the web browser, but that doesn't work. Well, it sometimes selects text, which can be good (and would be nice in the browser too, I want both! ).

A: No search in default browser. Fennec should come soon and that should have the support.

Well, universal copy paste is the general theme that we are pushing in pr1.2, so getting rid of selection support in email is a no-no. Sorry.

Q: Regarding using a single swipe to answer a call, that's great and all but what if I wanted to reject the call? How would I be able to unlock the device and hit the reject button when the act of unlocking the screen has automatically answered the call?

A: You reject by swiping the call down. Or, swipe to the side to reveal the incoming call without answering to it. Only swipe up would answer directly.

Q: My parents have phonenumbers that are almost identical, just the operator part (0400****** and 0500******) are different. N9 doesn't identify these and when for example my dad calls me it shows just the number, no name or picture.

Symbian got this fixed in Anna, but how about N9?

A: That's sad. I'll ask around.

Q: Battery usage app..

Battery Draining Detected
Average power consumption of last 3 days in idle state has been 12mA and now it 31mA

Top energy consumer: Audio playback
I have not listened any music.

I read somewhere ( that sometimes pulse audio "hangs" and uses lot of cpu time.

Any pulseaudio fixes in pr 1.1?

A: Likely pulseaudio issue. It has been fixed in 1.1 already in summer time.
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Originally Posted by slai View Post

Q: Konttori, is it a "feature" of the N9's amoled screen that black text on white (for example web pages) cause "bleeding" of very slightly pink lines from the text? Or is this some kind of manufacturing (or very weird software) fault?
And the weird thing is that all text on screen doesn't cause this. It is like there is a invisible line, that when it intersects with black causes the bleeding. Here's a ms paint illustration

A: N9 has Pentile OLED screen. You have no idea how much time I've spent taking macro photos of the sub pixel rendering artefacts. We spent a lot of time working with the display manufacturers in making the best possible sub pixel rendering for pentile. Basically, on this PPI, you cannot get traditional RGB matrig, you need to get, pentile RGBG, where B and R are 2/3 of a pixel size. Every pixel has green element and either R or B. Green controls the luminosity for the most part to human eye. As R and B are big, human eye actually even sees those pixels, and that's what you see as red bleeding on left side of sharp lines and green bleeding on right sides. Oh, crap, now I looked at you photo. No, that should not be happening to my knowledge. I'll take a look tomorrow on your example case on both displays we are shipping with (we had plenty of versions of the displays during the making on N9, some times to the better, some times to the worse)
Anyone have any answers for this !? Just got my N9 this week, & i definitely see that pink "bleeding" in the background....
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Poor Konttori...I know he's done a lot of difficult work on the N9's user interface among other things, but responding to every mismatched feature request must be the most testing part of his job!

Originally Posted by scapegoat845 View Post
Anyone have any answers for this !? Just got my N9 this week, & i definitely see that pink "bleeding" in the background....
Maybe. There is a thread that partially discusses this issue, at the moment we have no solid answers though, sorry.

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The other day I saw on bugzilla that the bug "cannot edit quoted text when reply in fenix" is planned to be fixed in PR1.3.

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Originally Posted by scapegoat845 View Post
Anyone have any answers for this !? Just got my N9 this week, & i definitely see that pink "bleeding" in the background....
Well worth a read of that thread from begin to end if you can.
I keep saying I'm going to do a summary but i will soon hopefully if no-one else does.
Kontorri's given me a contact to forward all the issues too...
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What happened to Konttori? He hasn't replied in his blog for weeks. Do you think Elop found out about his blog and silenced him for giving hope and comfort to N9 users?

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