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Welcome everyone

I come from Vietnam and I have limited English capital.

I have a device N770 but N770-2 is behind the and type: RX-37

I'm curious to page:
to find a suitable version upgrade but were told not correct Product ID.

I have borrowed a device ID number of my friend to download a firmware hack OS 2008 and many other files but all can not be saved on my device.

I think this is a line of devices manufactured in N770 as FINDLAND

My ID number: 0012d2b945e1

how can find my original firmware? Please help me ....

Please!!!!!!!!!! thank

I wil update image later////
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Just download everything you can, burn in onto dvd, send it to your cloud and keep it safe as you keeping your eye.

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While I appreciate your willingness to post important information, don't you think you are overdoing it by necroing a 5 year old thread here and another 2 year old thread.

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Noticed just after posting

Unfortunatley the Firmware images arent widely available and some do not know where to find them so maybe this will help someone.

BTW. Im new to 770 and Nx0 devices, I just owe both for few weeks and Im trying to make most of it so, yes, Im digging up older posts

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the over-exuberant enthusiasm of the new...
gotta love it..

Ridd ..if you can point people to really well rounded threads..or wikis with everything they need ...that would make things easier for those you are trying to help...
for example ...the n900 has ..."the perfect n900 setup" in the wiki...
there is the collection of 3 links in my signature which points to everything needed for the n8x0 - "Pimp my n8x0"
Pointing people to exactly everything needed to easily and simply set things up for their 770 would be a godsend ..especially considering a few things...
A- there isn't really anyone left around using the 770 religiously and is intimately knowledgeable and is posting in the 770 subforums anymore.
B- thread links and descriptions of methods of "how to" may or may not be accurate or work any longer considering the passage of time and no one around to update them...
C- you are in a great position, with a lot of the curiosity and passion needed to create a "perfect 770 setup" how-to.

So yeah...I know you are feelin' your way around here..tryin' things out ...etc...
but you may want to consider it...
it would immensely help a lot of new people who know next to nothing about the 770 (or maemo for that matter).. coming after you ..
who are hunting for a concise, easy to follow instructions, explanations and a holistic "how-to" for the 770...all in one location or thread, or wiki. ...that is current and layman-understandable...
It would be a great help.
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Everything you need tightly explained in layman's terms an easy to understand format.. and a video walkthrough to boot.
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