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I got this email...

Important: Termination of Nokia Sync and Impact to You

Dear Nokia mobile phone customer,

We wanted to let you know of important changes affecting people who use Nokia Sync on Nokia Series 40, N9 and Symbian phones. Nokia Sync is the service that synchronises your contacts, calendar appointments and notes between your phone and the cloud.

We are planning to discontinue the Nokia Sync service on 5 December 2014. After 5 December 2014, you will not be able to access your data through the Nokia Sync service. We strongly encourage you to export and/or migrate your data from the service before this date.

Beginning today, you can use the following options to ensure you can continue to access your data. This includes the option to export your data so it can be imported into other services, or migrate your data to secure, cloud-based services from Microsoft.

Option 1: Export
Option 2: Migrate

In the interest of information privacy, all data that is stored in Nokia Sync will be destroyed following termination of the Nokia Sync service.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any further questions, please see our CARE support site CARE Nokia Sync.

Thank you,
Services Team at Microsoft Devices

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Well as long as the data is being destroyed am not too fussed.
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There you go. How foresightful of me to uninstall all Nokia specific services, eh?

Honestly, how could anyone use a service with a company name in its name is beyond me. Nokia Sync, Nokia Messaging, Google Talk, Google Mail, Ubuntu One... all in the same bucket.

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I received this same email.

But on the pichlo made;

I recently posted something about why people will tend to not switch between Android/iOS, they've already spent a lot of money toward whatever platform they use, and there isn't a way like in the olden days of computers, where if you had an Atari ST or Commodore Amiga you could sell the computer with the software library. And you can't exactly sell your gmail account (tied to your android device where anything you buy on the Play Store is).

He totally didn't comprehend what I was saying and went off on some tangent about how you can't sell your gmail account and that google already makes money off of your email and that's what is being purchased... talk about missing the point ha ha.

But yes, I don't know why people use gmail, especially for non-personal things.
I have figured out the reason 'smartphones' were invented. They are for reading the internet while pooping. This means the best smartphone ever created is the N9. It is the only one that works so well single-handed.
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Does this mean nokia maps won't work any more on n9, because it also asks for nokia account credentials before being able to use maps.
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It has toi work offline like before but its important that you download all the maps you need und actualize the navigation language before 5.12.
I have all maps on my N9
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According to this email, they are only ending Nokia Sync. It has nothing to do with your Nokia account (other than that is how you access your Nokia Sync account). Although I am sure other services are not far behind, all other services attached to your Nokia account should work fine.
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Originally Posted by kingstu View Post
I got this email...

Important: Termination of Nokia Sync and Impact to You
Tiny bit shot of 2015 which was promised at the launch of N9, suprsingly tiny.
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As long as Maps are working, it's fine by me.
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Yes.. We need only Nokia maps...
No problem if this die to me
bad english

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