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Change in /usr/share/swype/data/SwypeConfig.ini "0" to "1"

Code: = 1 = 1 = 1
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Sweet man, thanks for this.

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This is pretty awesome... Thanks, and to all that want to try it, this is a simple change and doesn't require a reboot afterwards to get it to work.
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Nice find!
@arie, thanks that's even better, gonna enable it right away
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Cool! Added this to n9tweak for easy installment
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awesome. pretty sure I saw these in a file I scanned through whilst making my faster transitions theme..
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Hi friend!

May you please explain it to me more detailed, I'd appreciate that, thanks!
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Since we're talking about settings in Swype, is there a way to disable the word choice list ?

I have obviously disabled everything I could in the "regular" settings, yet the bar is still there, and whenever I try to write something by swiping, the suggestion kicks in and I end up with something I didn't want.
And when I actually type a word unknown to Swype, it proposes to add it to the dictionary...

In the SwypeConfig.ini file I enabled the auto-hiding of that bar, but it keeps coming back on the occasions noted above.

I'd like to get rid of that bar (and more importantly: the suggestions) for good.
Any idea ?
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Go to /home/user/.swype/SwypeConfig.ini and set "choice.widget.enable=false"

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Is there any way to disable the ability to swipe to a different keyboard? I can't tell how frustrated I get when I swipe to the stock keyboard when I'm trying to start a word with "p".

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