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After using Orb for a while and having no problems, I all of a sudden today started getting the dreaded "untrusted certificate" error. Whenever that would happen with other sites, I could always reboot and the problem went away, but not this time - it was persistent thru reboots, cache and cookie clears, etc.

After fiddling a bit, I found a quick fix, and those of you having maemo garage problems should try this, as well. Here are the steps, but first make sure you have the Mozilla browser installed (so I guess this works only for N800 users):

1. Try and if you get the untrusted certificate error, change to the MicroB browser engine.

2. Close all browser windows and reopen to a blank window, making sure you get the yellow home screen with the dinosaur (if you have left the default home page intact)

3. Go to, which should work fine in the Mozilla engine. You may have to change the setting to the mobile interface, it'll load the PC AJAX site by default. Click the small padlock to the left of the address bar. This will open up the certificate details for

4. Click the "Install" button. It'll ask you to confirm, so click "OK"

5. Next, the trust settings window will come up. Put a check mark next to "Browser" and WLAN. Click OK. It will say the cert was imported, click OK

6. Close the details window, and change back to the Opera engine. Close all browser windows.

7. Next, go to the Certificate Manager in Control Panel. You should now have a "*" certificate in the list, issued by Equifax, with a purpose of Browser and WLAN. If everything looks right, exit the Certificate Manager.

8. Open a new browser window. You should be back in Opera, as evidenced by the blue Tableteer home page.

9. Go to - It should now load perfectly, no more certificate errors!

After this, I rebooted and then went back in to the Cert. Manager and deleted the Orb certificate I had just added, curious what would happen. Well, Opera still loads Orb without any problems, so I am now back to normal.

Hope this helps some of you having this problem...I didn't come up with any other solutions in my search, so figured I should try and find one. I prefer Orb under Opera, the fonts on the Home Theater setting are much nicer and bolder, compared to the Times font used in Mozilla.

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How do you change browser engines?

My engine is always listed as mozilla even after I click on opera in the menu.

I have the same certificate error in microB.

It started suddenly a day ago and now my tablet is half as useful as before. Without switching engines, I can't even try your fix.

Does anyone have a handle on this problem?
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After you change browser engines, if you quit and then open a new browser window from the Globe on the desktop, you can tell what engine is active. If it's Opera, it will be a blue-themed Tableteer home page. If it's Mozilla, it will be a yellow-themed page with the Mozilla logo.

Is this what happens on yours? It should work this way if you do have the menu option. It's hard to tell which engine you're using, because both engines use the same identical browser app. Also, if you go to a page with RSS feeds, the Mozilla browser will have the orange 'RSS' button down at the very bottom, while Opera does not.

Make sure you quit the browser and relaunch after switching engines, otherwise it won't take effect.
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This is getting stranger by the minute!

From your description, I am stuck in the Opera engine.


Well, that's solved now.
I had failed to understand the drop-down menu.

I am off to hand over my keys to the internet now.

Mozilla B does not feature the certificate problem for me.

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