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Injection drivers to N9. Thanks to nieldk
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I managed to install Aircrack-ng to my N9. What i don't have, is injection drivers. So i made simple tutorial.

to use Aircrack-ng in to your n9, you must have "ssh root@localhost" and "develsh" privileges.

to get them you must install n9tweak, which can be downloaded from here:

Download the file and rename it to "n9.deb". Then connect your N9 in your computer via USB, and move the file in MyDocs folder. Then take your n9 and go to terminal
(Must first be enabled in Settings/Security/developers mode)

in terminal:

(password is rootme)
2. cd /home/user/MyDocs
3.dpkg -i n9.deb

Once the installation is complete, open the n9tweak. Write in n9tweaks terminal "ssh", to enable ssh as root user.

when you're done, reboot your phone. Once your phone has rebooted, go to terminal and write "ssh root@localhost" and your password. now you should have root privileges.

Then, let's move to install the mighty aircrack.

1. Download zip file in here:

2. Unzip the file, and move the folder "aircrack" in your N9 MyDocs folder

3. Take your N9, and go to terminal

4. In terminal Write "ssh root@localhost" and password
(Now you should have root privileges)

5. write: cd /home/user/Mydocs/aircrack

6. write: dpkg -i iw.deb
When the installation is complete

7. write: dpkg -i aircrack.deb

to use Aircrack-ng in to your n9, you must have "ssh root@localhost" and "develsh" privileges.

# develsh

now you should be able to use aircrack-ng commands.

I'm sorry for my bad English. I am still quite a beginner myself. So I hope this works all of you. Main purpose of this is to get Aircrack-ng to work properly on N9, we gonna still need Injection drivers and all.

So I ask for your help so that we could get this great program to work in N9

Thanks and sorry

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dont hold your breath, only reason we have injection drivers on n900 because a developer was supposed to be paid for coding them and was screwed
is there any such comercial project for n9? no, and writing drivers is not a simple process, it would mean months of hard work, especialy for closed hardware as the one i guess is on n9
if you want a pentesting device buy n900, we have everything
metasploit, aircrack-ng, reaver, sslstrip, wireshark, john the ripper and much, much more

oh, not to forget a real keyboard and not that mumbo jumbo touch me crap

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great job man!!

I read in another thread you are trying to compile wireshark for N9, hope you get sucess but looks difficult because wireshark has a lot of dependencies, and the interface is based in GTK+

if you interest another pentesting tools already running in N9 are nmap and netcat, both are already in the repositories.

We hope N9 wifi card supports promiscuous mode if not we can forget of wireshark, ettercap, dsniff, etc

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it is one step closer to aircrack on n9, a good start for talented developers to start writing the driver for n9.

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Perhaps it is usefull to have a go with Davids injection drivers made for n900? He released source for his work.
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I installed aircrack too some weeks ago, the n900 package, but even without injection I wasn't able to capture any data, so it's pretty useless, I searched a lot about monitor mode for the N9 wifi chipset.. hope someone help us..

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why do you have to ssh to.yourself instead of devel-su?
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Without capture support (monitor mode) aircrack is totally useless sorry to say it

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Hello qwazix

Ssh has more privileges than devel-su. In this case, you can't use all commands that aircrack has with devel-su. In ssh, you will get "permission denied" when you try some AC command, that's why you must develsh after ssh, to grant even more privileges. If somebody know easier way, Please tell us

And mmaadx

I made this tutorial because I wanted to encourage those who know something about injection drivers. In my opinion, that would be great to have working aircrack on ours N9.

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try in open mode.

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