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Updated to PR1.2 this morning. Had the PR1.1 Northern europe version. Since then I can't close apps. No matter which way I scroll it just minimizes it. I had swipe manager installed before this. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I can't access the email app or the mail setting in settings>applications as well. I've rebooted. Tried to reflash to a lower version. Restored settings. Nothing helps.

Anyone else experiencing other issues?
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my made in finland white n9 also has become quite sluggish/marred with lag since 1.2 update.

not good
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same, my white finland became very sluggish too....i wish they would just release the Flasher image already so i can reflash this phone fresh
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If your phone is being sluggish, I suggest doing a soft reset. THat will def improvve the phones performance and make it snappy like it was before
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what is a soft reset
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Open Settings go to the last entry (possibly "recovery" or something like that) and choose reset settings.

the hard reset is when every gets wiped from the phone.
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Two problems here:


I had a strange problem with the gallery: Some pictures would make the gallery crash when I tried to open them. Also, they seemed to stop tracker from properly indexing the whole directory. (This is just guessing, but some images didn't show up in the gallery until I deleted the broken ones.)

Anyone else having problems with the gallery? Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this bug because I deleted the images. All I know is that both photos didn't cause any problems befor 1.2 and that they were not shot with the N9 itself. Somebody else made them and transferred them to my N9 via bluetooth.

Feeds Update

Automatically updating the feeds was always flaky, even befor PR 1.2. What I have now is new, though: When the device decides to update the feeds (or when I do so manually), it starts at feed number 17 - and never finishes. I don't see why it tries such a feed at all, because I've only subscribed to 9 feeds. Whats that?
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If you feel your N9 sluggish right after the update to PR1.2 - do NOT worry! It is just tracker rebuilding its database. Takes like 10 minutes, after that your device will be silky smooth again! :P

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Push notifications for XMS and Pulse are not working since PR 1.2. I don't know if pulse will be patched, but nokia said it has stoped N9 development.

Take look at this

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after reflashing pr1.1, then updating to pr1.2, one of my email accounts does not recognize the inbox folder...

I can go to INBOX in the folder tree and load it manually, but it isn't the default view when clicking on that account is blank.

The account with same settings worked previously.

I tried removing and re-adding the account as well as trying to input server with an IMAP PATH, but neither worked.

Any ideas anyone?

EDIT:since the first part of my username was the same on multiple accounts(my first name) the account name was getting set by default to that. After I re-setup the account and made sure to change the account name in the initial setup, it is ok now. not sure why this affected me now and not before, but maybe it will help someone else

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