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MWKN Weekly News: 9 April 2012

Quim Gil soundly settles ceaseless suggestions surrounding a "sudden switch-off" of certain servers

In an email to the Community mailing list, Quim Gil firmly put down rumours of any unannounced shutdowns of or its services in the near future:
Ok, this is not going to happen. Whatever happens we will know 3-6 months in advance since this is how budgeting goes. All 2012 is covered as we speak (and afaik it was never under question). The time to discuss about 2013 will start approximately after the Summer. It's always like this, by the way. You have my word with my domain and all. You can quote this whenever someone has fear, uncertainty or doubt about hosting.
About an unambiguous an answer as you could want. Hopefully it will put to bed the FUD about and Nokia's continued infrastructure support, which has been one of the most pernicious and infectious distractions which has afflicted the Maemo community since Harmattan was revealed to be branded "MeeGo" (despite, under the covers, being Maemo).
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Why Maemo Community Council needs to be a council of "do-ers"

Since last week's update on the slow moving Maemo Community Council election, it seems to have taken off. At the time of writing, there are now four candidates running and a number of threads discussing issues that the current council has had (only a single active member, difficulty in discussions with Nokia/Nemein, poor communication with the community).

In amongst all the noise of axes being ground, gcobb cuts to the chase, after outlining a potential plan to reduce the cost and scope of, to concentrate on core competencies of supporting Maemo users & developers:
If others agree with this approach then we need a council of do-ers, who will take on organising getting these tasks done and working with Quim. Not philosophers or ideas people who do not have time to put the necessary effort in. That is why I am not standing!
Although your editor disagrees with the suggestion of getting rid of autobuilders (of one form or another) and any form of QA, Graham's focus on the issues, practical solutions and what that means in terms of community facilitation is refreshing.

We have attempted to try and pull out the main facets of the discussion. However, those with time to kill, and a desire to see inside the sausage factory, may wish to read the threads on maemo-community and the "Council Election" thread on TMO.
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In this edition...
  1. Front Page
    • qgil soundly settles ceaseless suggestions surrounding a "sudden switch-off" of certain servers
    • Why Maemo Community Council needs to be a council of "do-ers"
  2. Applications
    • BashQuotations finally released for the Nokia N9 / N950 with support for German and English quotes
    • Q To-Do updated with progress bars and tree view
  3. Development
    • Community OBS replacement for MeeGo under Mer. Maemo inclusion to replace autobuilder?
    • Latest CSSU testing update causes problems for some users
  4. Community
    • Community Management/Relationship handed back to Quim Gil
    • Projects having problems with infrastructure?
    • Forumemail integration now available on
    • ...and 6 more
  5. In the Wild
    • Nokia N9 scores higher than competitors in customer satisfaction
  6. Announcements
    • StatusNet client for Harmattan
    • Helium - a Harmattan UPnP control point
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