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MWKN Weekly News: 19 March 2012

Time for the election of the next Maemo Community Council

RM Bauer has announced the start of the spring 2012 election for the Maemo Community Council. Six months ago, only three candidates stood and so were selected without a vote. RM Bauer has been the most visible member, with Momcilo Majic and Jeremiah Foster being mostly quiet. This term has seen the growth of the Harmattan community, and the death of MeeGo - which has led some, including Nokia's Matti Airas to ask if the future of the Harmattan community lies within its roots. Rob's announcement says:

Please give consideration to nominating people you trust with the future of maemo. Nokia will stop future funding for and cannot commit to handing over or licensing the website or parts of the infrastructure to the community. The current council has concluded that reorganizing is not feasible and has started looking into a Plan B. There have also been proposals to bring Harmattan into, and to coordinate with other similar projects such as WebOS, Qt or Nemo. It is preferable that the future of maemo be made by a deliberate decision of the community. Please help that happen by nominating and voting in the election.
Anyone can put forward a community member by posting to the maemo-community list, although they must accept the nomination to be a candidate. Similarly, people can put themselves forward directly - which has historically been the main mechanism.
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In this edition...
  1. Front Page
    • Time for the election of the next Maemo Community Council
  2. Applications
  3. Development
    • MeeCast for Tizen
    • Qt SDK Harmattan tooling updates
    • UX guidelines documentation for Nokia N9 updated to latest standards
    • Differential updates in QML models
  4. Devices
    • Nokia N900 charging an N9 via USB host mode
  5. Announcements
    • Metro theme for Harmattan
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