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this thread is dedicated to most Essential apps for N900 Nitdroid (N12 umay).. to utilize maximum N900 resources/power under Nitdroid..

enough talk lets start...

note - I will populate the list later... but currently I am going to concentrate on Wifi Hotspot app for nitdroid.. which I was searching for a long time.. finally found today..

APP-1 : : WIFI HOTSPOT APP(AD-HOC) - search for "Barnacle wifi tether" in play store.. the best thing is its Free..

1) just start & start tether
2) if you want use internet on android tablet/phone with it(I am using touchpad CM7 right now)..
3) you need to download "zt ad-hoc switcher" from Playstore, its free too...
4) rename your SSID to "AndroidTether" (case sensitive & without Quotes) in "Barnacle Ad-Hoc tether" app in nitdroid..
5) start hotspot
6) start "ZT ad-hoc switcher" on your tablet/phone and click "try switch to Ad-Hoc mode" or something like that... I forgot...
7) it will automatically connect to Nitdroid (if you gave SSID correct in #4)


APP-2) : : "keep screen"(free) for charging issues

APP-3) : : "No Lock"(free) since N900 is a resistive screen and it saves time too.. just power button to lock/unlock

APP-4) : : "Task Xp" (free) best task switcher/killer.. shows/switches/kills running Apps(not resent Apps)...

APP-5 : : "gRreader" (free) best Google reader app

APP-6 : : "rebooter" (free) it resets whole system in few seconds without actually rebooting.. good to use before starting a heavy app like "Asphalt HD" & "Pulse"

APP-7 : : "Maxthon Browser" (free) it looks like desktop Google Chrome(if you read my thread CONVERTING N900 TO IPAD TABLET you'll get that look in high DPI)... a bit lighter then other browsers, gesture controls, plays YouTube

APP-8 : : "TweetBlue" (free) for ALL ALL ALL your social needs..
best lightest and fastest app for twitter/Facebook/foursquare...



I have noticed that in Nitdroid the Max amount of free ram I get is around "115 Mb"
and Nitdroid reboots if the Ram goes below 25 mb.
so keep an eye on ram..
do not keep duplicate apps for same purpose. eg no need to keep "Google reader" & "Greader" both just choose one...
disable background updates of Apps like "pulse" "Greader" etc

keep ram free as much as you can..

correct me if I am wrong somewhere...


do add your Apps you find important/must-have for our Nitdroid(N900/N9 & fellow NIT's)

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