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Originally Posted by ammyt View Post
Now who has an N9 willing to test out my first Harmattan beta?
ME! This will make things so much easier for those without Linux distros
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OFFTOPIC: @ammyt pls kindly check your pm. I'm kinda ignored.
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any news on the harmattan version?
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Would be interested in getting N9 version working, anyone else?

I have contacted ammyt regarding this.

Im a power user and a tester but I am not a coder, more of a graphic designer.

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I have managed to make deb files in my N9 like N900. But still need build me because the way I follow makes installation and uninstallation error in N9. For ex: Cannot be able to install any new apps and uninstall any one of the current apps. For that I need to flash the device.

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Hi ammyt, this is a really useful application, would you upload it to Extras?

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