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MWKN Weekly News: 7 May 2012

How will introduce itself in 6 months?

A chance encounter with Henri Bergius and Michael Hasselmann in California led Quim Gil to share a few beers with them. Part of the conversation involved their shared experiences with Maemo and Quim reports that
Henri had a very good point: [top-level] pages like Intro or Development have been unchanged for years and now they don't reflect anymore the community that exists here.
Updating these pages would require to think what is this website and this community today, and what does it want to become. It sounded like a good task to be driven by a newly elected Council. Six months is a decent period for discussion, planning and implementation considering that we are talking basically about editing plain web pages.
In our discussion we agreed that is still strong in the mobile user aspect. It is a community continuously active since 2005, open to discuss, experiment and collaborate on Maemo but also on related mobile topics where "related" can have a flexible definition.
Quim had to clarify he was asking this as a member of the community, rather than in any official capacity from Nokia. Separating Quim as an active and independent member of the community from his official role at Nokia is something that many people seem to have difficulty with. However, it would be a shame if such opinions prevented Quim from sharing his thoughts.
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In this edition...
  1. Front Page
    • How will introduce itself in 6 months?
  2. Development
    • Cocos2D port for Qt for Harmattan and Symbian
    • Fremantle on OBS status update
  3. Community
    • Rob Bauer (SD69) running in Maemo Community Council election
    • Help improve Packages interface
    • Proposal to rearrange TMO to provide common home to Maemo, MeeGo, Mer, NITDroid
  4. Devices
    • Slideout Bluetooth keyboard turns N9 into N955
  5. Announcements
    • Work-in-progress: Ubuntu One client for Nokia N9
    • gPodder 3.1.1 for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan
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