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any chance to change size and font?

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Just downloaded and works as it should, thanks thp for an end user friendly version.
I'm more and more getting to the conclusion that I haven't got time for fidling around in xterm anymore and I'm not getting the fun out of xterming mods anymore.
So nice to see a freindly GUI and easy to use app and luckily it's getting more common on the N9.

Regards Dousan...
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Originally Posted by thp View Post
This is the support thread for my (currently closed source) application Billboard which you can get from Nokia Store for your N9 (this is N9 only - the N950 does not have an AMOLED screen / LPM).

Feel free to post questions, feedback or problems here, and I'll try to help
Weather in Billboard ???
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Originally Posted by baem90 View Post
any chance to change size and font?
Added to my TODO list. Will very likely come in a future version.

Originally Posted by banong View Post
Weather in Billboard ???
What you can do is use MeeCast with its standby screen widget. Right now (version 1.0.0 of Billboard) this doesn't work quite right, but it is fixed in 1.0.1 and will make both apps work together nicely, like that:

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Very well done. Works perfectly on my N9!
Cyan text looks great on a cyan N9.
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using icons instead of texts is better.
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I like text
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Thomas, how about adding the song no. in the queue as an insert like 3/10 ( 3rd song of 10) when playing an album or playlist. I'm frequently having to activate the screen just to look at how many songs are left. Thanks for an awesome app!
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just found new idea you might interested in your To-do list,

EURO result

Originally Posted by ejasmudar View Post
For the N900, you can create a small bash script with wget to get the info from some site and use Queen Beecon Widget to display the info. (See this thread:

For the N9, you can use the same script with the just released USbS app to display the info on the Standby/Sleep screen. For example, the following is an image of USbS showing the results of Indian Premier League of the Standby Screen:
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Originally Posted by thp View Post
(currently closed source)
Why closed source code instead of libre?

See you.

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