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Hello everybody!

Since i was extremely frustrated with sportstracker ever since i got my N9, i finally decided that it was time to start developing something that supersedes it, and now after some intense work i succeeded rolling it out!
So, as you can guess, meeTrainer is a sport tracking application, which supports gps and polar hrm bluetooth belts (only Polar, for the moment, as it's the only one i have), and can save the workouts records to csv files, so that you can import them essentially in everywhere.
It also has a couple of other nice features, and a long list of other features that will be added soon!

get it from nokia store and try it
and also check the webpage out for more details and explanation, and images, of course!

and of course feedbacks are appreciated!
have fun working out

*2012 09 09 - UPDATE*

meeTrainer v0.2.2 is now out. it has ben pushed to the store, and submitted for the coding competition.

changelog: (copy pasted from the support page)

Version 0.2.2
- Support for SportsTracker HRM chest belt
- Workouts list page improved: now with monthly summaries
- Workout detail page improved: more information provided and charting of the time series data
- Settings page reworked.
- Hr zones added (not showing in the workout details yet, though, but the information is there)
- Plenty of bugfixes and core rework

if you want to try it before it is available on the store contact me.
Also please report bugs, changes and feature requests
I'll try to work on it as much as i can, especially now that it is getting nice and engineered in a way that let me add features relatively easily!

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Works great, just checked it out - congrats!

EDIT 1: some bugs and one request to report though

bug 1: in settings, when you see lower brightness level to minimum, the screen goes completely dark - I guess it sets brightness to total zero, which is not good. If this happen, swipe app away and you're soon back at your homescreen and can see stuff, but this has to be improved

request: is there a way to translate gps data to position on the map? So that your path is saved and you can later view in in maps somehow?

suggestion: in the "about program" screen (you get there by clicking "?" sign) there's no "back" button and it is not obvious to tap outside the text to go back - I suggest you add "back" button there, for the sake of clarity

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Thanks a lot! and once you try it better, please send me the feedback and suggestions
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screenshots please
Please donate if you think I'm doing a good job.
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looks awesome~~~ do you support sending workout data to sports-tracker directly from the app?
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Hei, not yet.. actually i dont know if that's possible, as they might not have open apis.
But i could use some other online service for the same purpose, or my own.
This is already in the "next features" list, and it is definitely something i would like to add, so it will come soon or late, together with the other feats
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Nice work!
All current features working fine. Could you please add step counting and limit alerting features?
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thanks Zetor!
the limits were something i was already planning actually.
About the steps its a good idea. i tried to look at how to do it a little, but it seems it's not a trivial thing. Ichecked out steps for harmattan, which is open source, but apparently it underestimates my steps by 30/50%.
So i wonder whether it's better to add some inaccurate steps detection now, and improve later, or to have it only when it works right..
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Well, I tried Steps today and I think it works good enough. Its not perfect and needs some improvement, but Its better than nothing
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I have been using Sportstracker with fair results, but I still certainly try this and hope it works as well or better.
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