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I'm glad to upload and let you guys try my new game that I developed,
Alpha Strike

This game is a winner of the 2012 Coding Competition.

Alpha Strike is a fast-paced 3D action shooting game in which you move the player with the accelerometer or with the keyboard and shoot with the on-screen joystick or with the keyboard . Your target is to shoot as many robotic enemies as you can while avoiding their attacks and using the health, weapon or shield bonuses. As you kill more enemies, your score gets higher. The game was created by me from scratch and is original (not a port of an existing game). Alpha Strike was programmed on and for the N900 using C++. It uses SDL1.2 and OpenGL ES2.0 for the 3D graphics rendering. It is currently aimed for the N900, but I think it is fairly portable to other platforms too.

The game include :
*High-res textures
*Varied and multicolored arenas
*Keyframe animations for the game figures
*Vertex buffer objects, interleaving and indexed arrays for better performance
*Highscores system
*Visual effects such as lighting with textures, billboarding, simple reflections and shadows
*Textured animations with particles effects for explosions and bullet collisions, etc.
*Sound effects.

You can adjust the accelerometer sensitivity level in the options menu and calibrate the accelerometer "down orientation" (couldn't find a better name) while playing by pressing on the little down pointing arrow button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Since the game is written in C++ and uses SDL1.2 and OpenGL ES2.0, I don't think porting it to the n9/n950 would be too hard.

Believe it or not, but the entire game was developed (programming and compilation) on the n900 itself (so be proud of your n900 )! I only used my netbook to create the 3D .OBJ models and some of the textures.

default key map:
W,X,A,D,Q,E,C,Z - walk in 8 direction (move up, down, left, right and diagonally).
P, LEFT_ARROW, L, UP_ARROW, O, COMMA, DOWN_ARROW, SPACE - shoot in 8 direction (shoot up, down, left, right and diagonally).
K - switch weapons.
B - toggle keyboard movement on/off.
N - toggle "sticky" movement on/off.
S - stop walk (active only when "sticky" movement is on)


For more screenshots:

Alpha Strike V1.0.0-2 gamplay n900.

How To Install:
You need to enable the extras-devel repository!

Install manually with apt-get:
1. Open terminal
2. Run the following:
sudo apt-get install alphastrike
Install manually with dpkg and deb package:
First, make sure you installed the dependencies which are: libgles1, libgles2, libgles1-sgx-img, libgles2-sgx-img, libgles-sgx-img-common, libsdl-gles1.2-1, libsdl-gfx1.2-4, libsdl-image1.2, libsdl1.2 ( some of them are provided by the others but I didn't had the time to check)
You can install the dependencies by openning a terminal and execute the following commands(if you have rootsh, by typing "sudo gainroot" without the quotation marks. Otherwise by typing "sudo" before the command and ignoring the first command-"sudo gainroot" ):
sudo gainroot
apt-get update
apt-get install libgles1, libgles2, libgles1-sgx-img, libgles2-sgx-img, libgles-sgx-img-common, libsdl-gles1.2-1, libsdl-gfx1.2-4, libsdl-image1.2, libsdl1.2
The next step is to actually install the game:
1. Download the Alpha Strike deb from the "Downloads links" section below to your n900 or to your computer and move it to the n900, I assume you downloaded/moved it to the MyDocs folder ( /home/user/MyDocs ) but any other folder will be good.
2. Open a terminal and gain root access by typing:
sudo gainroot
3. cd (=change directory, for the begginers) to the folder where the Alpha Strike deb file is located. I you downloaded it to the MyDocs folder then execute:
cd /home/user/MyDocs
4. Install using dpkg:
dpkg -i alphaStrike1.0.0-2.deb

You can also install the .deb via the file manager or with filebox (or a different file manager) by clicking on it, just make sure you have the dependencies installed.

Download links:
maemo version 1.2.0 :

Extras-devel alpha strike folder:





V1.0.0-1: (the link doesn't work well and having unrelated java issues, so prefer downloading the more updated one)

1.2.0-1: * Harmattan n9 and n950 support.
* Sound effects.
* Minor improvement to the game engine.

1.1.0-2: * Keyboard support with user adjustable keys.
* New 3 weapons ( plasma, fire, thunder ).
* New bonus ( shield which protects the hero for 10 seconds ).
* Bullets billboarding effect.
* PNG textures instead of TGA textures.
* Some modifications to the gameplay.

1.0.1-3 : * Bug fixed: Changes to the options and highscores are not saved.

1.0.1-1 : * Extras-devel build.
* Bug fixed: Shooting prevention when player is "pushing" aginst the walls.

1.0.0-2 : * Solved the deb inside deb.

1.0.0-1 : * First stable release.

How To Change The Keymap:
For the time being I use SDL_Keycode Constant as the key name.
The SDL_Keycode Constants can be found here:
The game's configuration file is placed in /home/opt/alphaStrike/gameData.txt .
In order to change the key for walking right from the D key to V key for instance, go to the SDL key codes page above and find the SDL_Keycode Constant for the V key which is SDLK_v .
Open the gameData.txt file with a text editor ( /home/opt/alphaStrike/gameData.txt ).
Replace the SDLK_d with SDLK_v for the key_walk_right line in gameData.txt and save the file.
That's it.


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For future use.

If anyone is having problem feel free to comment and I will respond as soon as I see the message.

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you packaged it with dpkg-deb right ?
anyway there is a ".deb" inside of the file you might want to remove it and repackage it.
this is caused by
dpkg-deb -b path/to/game/ 
it should be
dpkg-deb -b path/to/game
i know you know that but im just saying
downloaded the game and testing now ! Great work

Edit : please read the wiki page for uploading your game to repos

Edit : would really appreciate if you can add keyboard control, the game running well without crashing awaiting for adding the sounds
btw the monsters reminds me of a monster in the old Half-Life

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Can I suggest that people just do the following instead...

Download the .deb file, then type:

# dpkg -i alphaStrike_100-1_armel.deb
# apt-get -f install

That way, you will install all the missing libraries without needing to type in the package names.
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I do not have time to try any further now, but it complains it needs java (depends on sun-java6-jre | openjdk-6-jre | java2-runtime), so that should be added to dependencies I guess.

It does not look to be optified (installed in /opt to save rootfs space).

And a strange thing is that it now downloads as "desktop4shared-1.3_1-all.deb", and even a lot of filenames/folder are named desktop4shared inside the deb file. Did that alter after uploading to

It looks promising and good to have something "original" on the N900 next to all the ports of existing games. Looking forward for the final product!

Edit: looks like it as the problem Gidzz later mentioned and I dowload some 4share download manager. Can't remember I saw another option. But the other links work with good end result.

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I am glad to hear from you!
I will repackge it and upload in a few hours to another mirror and without the deb inside the deb.
About the java dependencies, is there anyone else having this problem?

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The main problem I see with Java dependencies is that openjdk consumes a huge amount of space in the device. If you make the package dependant on it, users will need to install it even if they already have oracle-jre (smaller).

However oracle-jre is not available in the repositories but from third party download link. A good possibility would be having a generic java feature that could be provided by both runtimes. That would require to update openjdk packages and repack oracle runtime and upload it to Extras.


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I need to check why it depends on java, because it is written in c++ sdl1.2 and gles2.0. I dont have abything related to java installed on my n900 or in the depends list so it is really odd, maybe 4shared messed it up.
I will upload to another mirror and test it then.

Edit: I uploaded a new version to other mirrors, could you tell me if you still get the java dependencies?

ade: currently the game files are stored in /home/opt/ and doesn't use the rootfs, how can I optify it further?

sifo: Looks like a nice addition. I can implement it by using the w,a,s,d for 4 directions or q,w,e,a,d,z,x,c for 8 directions. Shooting will remain with the joystick (it will be pretty hard to shoot with the keyboard, but I guess using an 8 directions shooting wouldn't be bad... ). If anyone has another idea please inform me!

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Hi aStrike!
I try he game and it works well. The graphic is very good!
I notice this problem: when the man is very very close to a wall (for example in a corridor) it is difficult to shoot agaist the monsters walking close to the same wall.

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dgls82: Thank you for you impression!
About the shooting you mentioned, it's not a bug. It happens when trying to "push" aginst the wall and the collision objects of the bullet and wall overlaping a little, so a collision detected and the bullet is "killed". I will change it's collision object size and include it in the next update. Thanks again for your observation!

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