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Hi all,

while I do love my N9 I do miss a couple of applications for it. Some became available since (hi wazzap), but I still miss Instagram for example. Yeah, I know about Molome (and use it actually), but I still prefer Instagrams clean interface and community aspect.

So I finally started working on a client myself. Itís called ďInstagoĒ and to get right to the elephant in the room: Yes, itís a simple viewer at the moment. And no, Iím not going to reverse engineer posting images to Instagram nor will I try.

Instead, here is what Iím going to do:

Step 1: Implement as much features as possible without actually authenticating myself (via OAuth). Test it, have a beta and then push it to the Nokia Store. This is pretty much where I am at the moment.

Step 2: Implement user authentication and have all the interactive features (like searching, friends, likes, news stream and so on). Test it, have a beta and push the update to the Nokia Store.

Step 3: Contact Instagram and beg to be approved for official upload support

The latest public beta (stable) can be found on the project download page (with changelog since last stable version 0.5.1).

The latest developer build (v0.6.1, unstable) can be found here (direct download).

You can follow my progress in written form on my blog:

The code itself can be found on the Google Code page which also contains the current list of stable builds of the app as well as the (unstable) developer versions. Beware that those are developers builds at the moment. Use them at your own risk and they probably will have bugs. However they are mostly tested and run ok on my N9.

I hope you like it. Feedback is always welcome, same as feature requests, code reviews or just general developer chat.

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Well we can now put to rest all those threads comparing instagram with molome thanks to you!

Thanks for the app!

P.S. verify your email address so people can show their appreciation

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wow! greatt! will try!

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thx.....can't wait
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cool mate...look promising & cant wait for beta version
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i want add to save pictures

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great, love it and hoping for further improvements
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Nice initiative, looks very good

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I hope you will be able to beg instagram for the upload feature! I wouldn't have to reboot to nitdroid just for instagram if that'll work! Thanks and keep up the good work..
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bt can port to n900??

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development, instago, instagram

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