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Just like hotrods, when the masses moved on, they came alive!

So I decided to share what I've done with my N900, and I'm pumped to see the crazy stuff we've manage to acheive after the twilight age of the N900 has passed!

Some of my favourite customisations:
Reboot Powerkey.
Arduino programming.
<3 CamKeyD <3

and my proudest acheivement:

(I've removed the no-sim icon and replaced it with cpu-mem usage applet)

What's your crowning acheivement?

I'll update with tutes and other peoples mods as we go.

Unsure if i should make a second thread, but something else I feel that ties in with the theme of customisation, is also what can be removed. So feel free to chime in with all packages you've removed successfully from your N900.

Apps I've removed with no problems so far:

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