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I've been copying a bunch of music to my phone that I've transcoded to m4a/aac from mp3, which seems to both reduce the size of the files *and* the CPU activity on playback. I'm finding that with my current, modified tracker settings that it takes a long time for them to appear in the media library.

I was wondering what config you N900 'pros' out there are running.
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I had tracker-cfg installed purely for adding files.
From what I have read playing with throttle or other settings is asking for trouble.
Stock on this is the way to go IMO.
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As noted, changing tracker-cfg is a risky proposal, and should not be done lightly.

There is one setting I enjoy though, which instructs tracker-cfg to only index when running on main power (eg not battery). The downside to this is that sometimes pictures just taken don't index right away. The upside is that it never runs when you're on battery, preventing it from sucking lots of juice when you least want it to.

One note on this: If tracker starts when on mains and you switch to battery, it will not stop because of that change. Nor will it instantly start up when connected to power if it delayed running before.
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