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I was about to launch Filebox+, but due to some copyrights, I had to rename it. Now Filebox iss FileCase (yes, this name sucks, I know)
It's like the Filebox you can find in Nokia Store, but with some changes.
Maybe the most important feature is the cloud support for Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync and Ubuntu One.
You can upload/download and you have a queue for each cloud site.
Also I've added a standard clipboard, added an option for set the startup folder, and some other minor changes.

You can download it from Nokia Store (yes it's paid, sorry)
I made this thread for get some feedback and bring support.

Here's some caps:

Download from here
Filebox / FileCase for Maemo / Harmattan / Sailfish
FlowPlayer for Maemo / Harmattan / Sailfish
Whatsup for Harmattan / Sailfish
CallBlocker for Harmattan

Support my work:
Paypal / Bitcoin

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Just bought it; its brilliant Cepi and worth the very small payment

Can I request for one feature? For Dropbox the public link can it be shortened by default?

All in all this is the one app to rule all

Edit: Just noticed there is some lag when clicking on a folder which has a large number of nested folders; if it could be fixed it would be great but its not unbearable anyway...Also could integration be implemented if possible?

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oh .... sorry
I forgot to translate it on transifex ....
my bad ....

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Good work cepi!

edit: found that stupid cc and bought it.

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Babbyyy now that's good looking! Keep it up! Never seen such good file manager
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Brilliant! Thanks!

Bug report: In settings dialogue it still says "*Filebox+" needs to be restarted for a language change to take effect.

Wish list: Dropbox public link can be copied to clipboard. Having the share menu as option would be nice and save an extra step.

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Already loved Filebox. And now it's better? Instant buy. Cloud integration's working brilliantly so far, and the 'startup folder' option is nice, no more starting in / all the time just because I want access to it. Only downside, really, is the name - just doesn't roll off the tongue in the same way...

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Originally Posted by hw9xx View Post
Brilliant! Thanks!

Bug report: In settings dialogue it still says "*Filebox+" needs to be restarted for a language change to take effect.
Good hint! Just changed french and german language file.

EDIT: @Cepi also change the permission screen. I just added my Dropbox account and it asks whether I want to give "FileBox Meego" the permission to access.

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Very good work Cepi.
Bought it
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bought immediately and glad I did. The cloud access fills a much needed gap. Brilliant!
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