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I found this java risk clone:

Even though it has multiple UI's all are unusable in the small n900 resolution.

It also has an android gui. I contacted Yura, the developer, and he told me:

so you want to run the Android Domination UI on a JSE of a phone, this is possible as currently the only parts that require android are the stats and the push notifications. so they will just not work

to get it to run build the code from subversion and use test\demo_flash.cmd to run the game. it works on all JSE and will look like the android UI

open the script in a text editor and you will see what jars it needs and how it runs
I did that, and it worked... Althought a bit slow it's very usable.

Here is the compiled version that's not present in the distributed binaries.

Just unzip, open a terminal, cd into the folder and execute
Obviously icedtea is required.
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