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First of all, thankyou for the wonderfull development of the community and system of the phone since Nokia abandoned it. So, I have had this phone for about a year and a half. I first bought it because it was linux based and I was interested in developing applications in the phone, but I didn't do a lot about that, so I left and used it only as a phone (and alarm clock, good thing I got it cheap second hand).

So now I took it and I'm again playing with it. The first thing I did was to update the system to the last Maemo made by Nokia, and then to the CSSU, the last stable version, which is great. Every problem I found in the way was solved either by trying, by experience with linux systems, or by the wiki here, there are a couple more I haven't been able to solve, so here I come.

The first one is about the system. I have activated the forced rotation, using the CSSUFeatures app, and some of the applications don't rotate, even some of them that the wiki describes as fully-functional in portrait mode. The desktop and app menu rotate perfectly, the browser and some more apps do the same thing, but some of them dont, like the terminal (which is not much trouble because I would never use it in portrait), the clock, the camera, and some more. I don't know if this is normal or how could I solve it. Another thing about the system is that I've seen there's a new camera UI, but I don't see any differences and the shortcuts dont work.

Second, the applet to lock the rotation only works with landscape, I don't know if it's supposed to work like that, but if a click on it while in portrait mode, it changes to landscape and locks it. Locking it in portrait from the terminal is impossible because as I said, the terminal is not forced into portrait. Again, I don't know if this is normal.

Third, more an advice, I bought the phone second hand I the battery is not great. I have attached two pictures from the app batterygraph, in which you can see the performance of the battery. As it was bought second hand, I don't know if this is normal performance or it would be good to buy a new battery. So in one of them you can see it takes about 5 days to run out of battery, on those days I absolutely don't use the phone, only every night I set the battery to wake up and that's all, and I take about 3 or 4 phone calls. The other picture shows a heavy use of the device changing things and uninstalling programs, from HAM or through apt-get remove... and you can see the battery is out in 4-5 hours. ┐Is that normal? ┐Would I see a big change buying a new battery? What can I do to make the battery last longer? What I already do to maximize my battery is to set the screen on low bright, disable Dual network and activate only 3G and have wifi disabled when I don't use it.

One of my past experiences with this phone was the battery draining when I installed the power kernel. I don't have it installed right now but I see an app called Linux Kernel for BFS users. I don't know what this is and I don't even remember installing it. I haven't found any info for that kernel, I don't know its advantages or if it's draining battery, any help or info here, and how to uninstall a kernel and go back to a new one?

Ok, and the last, regarding and application. I'm now very interested in being able to use Whatsapp in my N900, I've seen yappari and the java port. I first installed yappari and after rebooting, I couldn't register my phone, It said there was a mistake with the sms and that I would have to wait 60 minutes to retry. I uninstalled it and tried the java port, but everytime I try to register my phone, through sms or voice, I get Unknown error when I click Verify. I've tried editing prefs.xml with my info but no changes. I don't get any code by SMS or receive any call with my code. Any tips here?

And that's it that's all. Thank you very much in advance for any help and sorry if any of these problems have already been solved, I would appreciate solutions or links to solutions.

Thank you, and bye.
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Anyone can help?
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Don't know about the rest, but...
1) Rotation lock only locks in landscape. That's normal.
2) Your battery patterns is similar to mine, although mine is also second-hand so not sure how a new battery would fare. Up to 3 weeks of no use, about 5 hours of constant use with display on (e.g. reading e-books) and/or WiFi on (e.g. on Skype).
3) I have kernel-power (v52) and have not noticed any degradation in performance or battery life.

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