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I think it would be a good idea that everyone who wishes so can list people, organizations etc. here that provided community support or other things over the course of 2012.

I start with: the HF donators. Thank you all!

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I would thank thedead1440 of course, everything that I do now, was because of him. I remember when I was a total noob but he taught me everything I know. Each time I put myself in trouble, instead of hanging out with his friends and family or spend time with his gf he used to help me. And not only me he helps, but all of the members. And I respect the way that he uses to help others. Thedead is a really kind & helpful guy, I don't know what we can do without a guy like that in such a great community. And wook_sf is also an awesome guy that I know, one of a kind. He is funny and helpful too, and has a great style of making themes. Those 2 guys always helped me and I appreciate each and everything they do to help this community become even better and better. Thank you a million thedead1440 & wook_sf.
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I will vote AMD for president next time if I'm having any shares during next meeting.

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I'd like to thank thedead1440 too, he has helped me a lot, from start till nkw. I'd also like to thank Schturman for spending his time compiling all the tweaks that exists for the n9. And thanks to the developers in this community, for all the applications, games, tweaks and mods. Also,thanks to Dave999 for being such a friendly TROLLER and being funny xD Finally, I would like to thank the guys for this awesome community I'm in.
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I'd like to thank u don falcon for this thanks idea and a special thanks for every member that didn't abandon this community nor their n900 as well.
Another special thanks for members whom spent their free time to help and teach others without waiting for a reward. Instead they just got a bunch of whining. Thanks to this great community!
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Thank you community ! For teaching me what was only a dream d(-_-)b
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Please help out keeping alive, and consider donating.

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I want to thank my family and friends. I also want thank everyone that posting in this forum and in this thread and all of them that are mentioned here(above or below) . Last but not least, I want to thank all of you that are not mentioned here. You are doing great work! Finally I want to thank Don_falcone.

Thank you all and happy new devices!

EDIT: I also want to thank myself.
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Huge thanks to the maemo team that started back in 2005 with 770 tablet all the way to N900

thank you

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I would like to thanks every member in this beautiful community
and special thanks to
don_falcone for making the thread

Merry Christmas, Guys and happy new year
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Quickly! Thank someone before the year ends in your time zones!
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Thanks go out to #maemo on freenode, Addison for his extended N8x0 information. The entire scene Diablo/Chinook/OS2008 lurkers and archivers. I can only hope that Maemo will still be around after tonight and live a long life for all of us who came in to the NIT scene so late and fell in love with these tablets.

Thank you everyone for being one of the most informative and most dedicated linux communities i have ever scene.

James Wulfe

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