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I would like to thank all this community for their help and effort to make N900 alive. and i hope that this community will also be helpful in 2013 like they are now. And i wish everyone a Happy New year.

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2012 was my first year with TMO.I want to thank you everyone who helped me to get in this community.

Happy new year

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33 minutes late for +8 time zoners, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR EVERYONE ELSE TOO!
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Originally Posted by don_falcone View Post
I think it would be a good idea that everyone who wishes so can list people, organizations etc. here that provided community support or other things over the course of 2012.

I start with: the HF donators. Thank you all!
I am a chinese user.I am on behalf of user to thank every body.

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happy new year.
i want to thank whole TMO mambers.
all of you are very helpfull.
thank you very much for helping me and teaching me.
specially thanks to -
thank you all.

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Still 4 hrs left here, happy new year everyone!
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Originally Posted by Dave999
I will vote AMD for president next time if I'm having any shares during next meeting.

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Thanks to the community. Let's hope 2013 will bring more successes and fixes to our beloved OS's - Maemo 5, Harmattan or even Diablo.

Mer, Jolla, et al are extensions of this community.
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Happy new year Maemo Community!!!!!
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thanks to all those who helped behind the scenes without much public visibility - you know who you are. Thanks to my co-councilors and to the HF Board.
Starting to thank particular community people here would just not feel appropriate, so let me say thank you to this awesome community, you rock if you don't fight :-) So more rocking, less figting, and a prospering healthy maemo-2013 to everybody!

(on behalf of whole council)
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happy new year!

To be specific i'd like to thanks qole for the awesome easy debian & scorpius on yappari (the driving reason for me to buy n900)

also creator of kernel power (unfortunately i don't know the name) & all community members

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