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So I downloaded Qt 5 thinking I'd get back into some Harmattan programing, firstly I noticed its incredibly small size, only about 450 megs. And once I opened Qt I found that it had zero compilers included in its installation. Least of all the Harmattan SDK.

Even 4.8.4 does not have the Harmattan SDK anymore. Is there anyway to get the Harmattan SDK? I have looked but to no avail. The Nokia Harmattan SDK site just gives me a python script which gets a synex error. Or better yet can I get QT 4.8.4 with the Harrmattan SDK still included?
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Can download it from here, but that requires a Nokia-account...

I'm interested as well if it is feasible to use Qt5 and QtQuick 2.0 on the N9 - and to distribute those apps without too much hassle when installing. For Nemo there seem to be commits for bringing the QML Qt Components to Qt5.

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Your best bet is to go with Nemo or other Mer based distros like Plasma Active if you want to play around with Qt 5 (including on N9).

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Thanks guys, all I wanted was to compile for Harmattan. Keep on the lookout for my apps.

By the way N9 does support QT5, not form Nokia but it got ported.

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There sgould be wiki article how to use and code for N9 in Qt5. There is lot of us who want to try that.

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