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Valyria Tear is an open-source single-player medieval-fantasy 2D J-RPG based on an extended Hero of Allacrost engine (See and inspired by classic console RPGs.

The player incarnates Bronann, a young boy forced to take part into the struggle for the possession of a mysterious crystal. This powerful artifact will lead him to discover the actual threat set upon his world, but also courage and love.

The game has all the features you can expect from JRPG classics: entertaining story development, colourful map exploration, active side-view battles, character management, puzzles... It is also translated in several languages.
Package name is: valyriatear

Game contains over 100mb data, all optified. It is using glshim. I haven't play more than couple of first scenes, and no issues so far.

Game works pretty well. Loading times could be over minute (let's file some bug reports).

Use 'backspace' as 'escape'. (And shift should work as 'F1'). Not yet tested without uk-keyboard.

Game play video:
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installed. crashes when launched...

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Originally Posted by droll View Post
installed. crashes when launched...
Good to know, share log.
Start from commandline
Normal start will say:
resx 800
resy 480
libGL: built on Sep  3 2013 23:26:13

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