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Well itís just a few more days before the great Nokia e90 is released in the US with a warranty
I had my eye on this for a few months and I tell you I going crazy I read a lot of proís and conís but really,
What is the ultimate devise? I fine we all have likes and are dis-likes so I was thinking when it came down to
Choose a smart phone or an UMPC where do you go? Some would say you buy the tool that works with your everyday life,
But what about the tech junky like my self whoís mine is blow so far out form this high, so I just wanted to know what site some of you guys go for your info?
Hereís some of mines
8 which I really donít like
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Depends if you want something more down to earth about it
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*cough* spam *cough*
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Here are good articles:
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And of course there's NET9 (see my sig)
NET9 - The Future of Mobile Information Technology - Is Your Code Solid Gold?
Internet Tablet Art Gallery - Artwork Made Using Internet Tablets
3pm - So good, it's illegal

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