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Here is a guide that I created for noobs like me
It's PDF file and you can save it on your phone

Root & User SSH access to Jolla via WinSCP

1. Go to Setting -> System settings -> Developer mode and activate it. When it finish, allow Remote connection andset password for user -> press SAVE. DONíT allow developer updates !!! (as far as I know it still cause to the problems).
2. Connect you phone to PC via USB cable. Press on the phone ďPC Connection ModeĒ square.
3. Go to the Device Manager on your PC and check if this drivers installed correctly:
PC Suite Services
4. If RNDIS have problem, follow this instruction (thanks to Jordi and source link):

Right click on it and select Update Driver Software... When prompted to choose how to search for device driver software, choose Browse my computer for driver software.
Browse for driver software on your computer will come up. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
A window will come up asking to select the device type. Select Network adapters, as RNDIS emulates a network connection.

In the Select Network Adapter window, select Microsoft Corporation from the Manufacturer list. Under the list of Network Adapter:, select Remote NDIS compatible device and press Next.

The RNDIS Kitl device is now installed and ready for use.

If you have problem with CDC OBEX Data, SYNCML-SYNC and PC Suite Servicesfollow this instruction (thanks to J4ZZ and here):
Download -
Connect Jolla to PC.
Run inf-wizard.exe (bin folder in zip) - Run as Administrator
Press "Next"
Search in list and select "CDC OBEX Data"

Press "Next"
Press "Next"
Save .inf file where you want
Press "Install Now"

Press "Install this driver software anyway" on warning message.
You should get "Installation successful." and press OK.
Repeat for all other missing drivers... (SYNCML-SYNC, PC Suite Services, etc...)
Check Windows Device Manager for "libusb-win32 devices", expand and verify all of your Jolla devices can be found.

6. Download WinSCP program and install it.
7. Connection via WiFi:
Open WinSCP -> press NEW and fill this empty lines:

a. Host name = IP from your phone (you can see it here: Setting -> System settings -> Developer mode)
b. User name = nemo
c. Password = that you set in the developer mode screen on your phone.
d. Port = leave as is (22)
Press Save, mark Save password then press OK.

8. It will create connection and you will see file manager (winscp). Now you are connected as USER !
9. To connect as ROOT:
Open terminal on your phone or PuTTy from already opened winscp.
Write devel-su
Insert your pass that you set in the developer mode screen (when you type it, you canít see it, itís ok, just press enter when you finish)
Now write: passwd root (hit enter)
Create pass for ROOT
Confirm this pass again
Now you can close terminal
Go to step 7 and do the same. Change user name from nemo to root and change pass to pass that you created just now.
Now you are connected as ROOT !

You also can use ssh connection via usb cable. When you connect you phone to PC, choose Developer mode. On Win 7, 8, 8.1 probably you will need to setup Win host (thanks to J4ZZ):
1. Connect your Jolla with usb to the Win machine
2. From the pc, open network & sharing center and select "Change adapter settings" or Win+R and type control netconnections
3. Open the adapter labeled with "Remote NDIS based Internet sharing device"

4. Go to properties

5. Select entry for IP V4 (Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
6. Enter a static ip (in the same subnet of the phone). So if your phone has (default), you can put for example.
7. Press on subnet field, it will automatically insert address.
8. Set phone ip address as gateway & dns entries as well.

* also disable:
-Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)
-Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver
-Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder

P.S. I didnít disable this stuff and not inserted dns entries, after saving I connected to my phone (WinSCP) via USB connection without any problem. In WinSCP use IP:

If you want to use terminal (PuTTy) from WinSCP and it not installed on your PC, just download putty.exe (source) and put it here: C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\putty.exe

Remember, when you play with system files, you can break your device. If it happens, I'm not responsible for the damage

Download PDF file

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Here is how to get a proper usb connection



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Originally Posted by J4ZZ View Post
Here is how to get a proper usb connection


Thanks, will try it..
Weird, on N9 all worked without any modifications..
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In Windows 8.1 you must connect Jolla in "developer mode" to use RNDIS connection (that`s USB connection) and Terminal in WinSCP don`t work! You have to manualy install other drivers!
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Ok, I checked it on my laptop too (win 8.1), all work like expected and explained in PDF... Also I updated PDF and the first post.

J4ZZ, can you tell me which DNS address exactly we need to insert (from this post) ? I leaved it empty and all work like charm

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Thank you very much and i am waiting for JollaQ.Tweak
And thanks to J4ZZ for his help

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Great job and thanks!
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I have a question:
What exactly does the enable remote access in the developer mode.
I always thought it starts and stops the ssh server. But that's not true. When i disable the remote access in developer mode, i'm still able to connect per ssh as root.
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What is the complement of WinSCP for Linux (openSuse) so that I am able to backup my Jolla-data with permissions?

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