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The multifunction Other Half mod prototype for the n900 is out.

Havent you always thought that your beloved n900 was a little bit too thin?
Maybe not geeky enough?
Perhaps it needed a little bit more battery power, more processing power?
Havent we always dreamed about a portable hackable computer build in our phone
with an up to date linux kernel independent of your phone,
so you can play with different distros/software without loosing your phone functions?
Anyone a new record button just for sound?
Or a button for zoom in/out maybe left/right click maybe?
For some of our fellow hackers the devices software and hardware may be familiar.
It maybe even be possible to port wickets up to date debian_n900 distro or maemo to it.

How much? Where? What is this magic device?
Dont worry we only take the best..

Frankenstein Productions presents the (funny) N900CoreDuo prototype:

adding a 1320mAh Battery capacity on top your already existing 1320mAh
a second TI OMAP3430 with 32GB emmc and 256MB dedicated ram exclusive for user applications.

enough said. Time for pictures

This mod covers your camera, but luckily the expansion delivers a nearly as good camera.

Coming hopefully soon the Neo900CoreDuo!

what do i need (in principle) to do this mod?
a 5 pin mini connector (2 for battery + 3 for usb (+ground shared with battery))
a switch fitting in the usb connectors space
and the secret, difficult to get, expensive abandoned special device with (all 3 important properties!): a defect usb port, a cracked screen and a defect sim chip.
hot iron
pliers or similar tool

[applying this mod can cause serious damage to you and your environment, proceed at your own risk]

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Idiot's Guide and a video walkthrough.
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But how good is Maemo (and its applications) on distributed/threaded computing on a CoreDuo?

If we could buy the connector cable, I am going to try that out immediately
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I made a substantial investment and got my prototype connection hyperlink cable from the skilled people at roskosmos.
(in other words: my soldering skills are way better)

presencevnc over usb netwoking is working. So we have a simple solution for ordinary people to distribute our computing.

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Current state:
Both devices are working. (you need to add one wire between the silver holding clips of the usb port side (or the other ) to make the headless boot)

But it isnt ready either.
The biggest Problems are:
Fast power efficiency Connection between those devices.
- usb is fast but a real power problem. In hostmode one device charges the other. The connectors are weak and/or in a "bad" spot.
- serial is really slow and the connectors are "hidden" below the battery
- bluetooth is slow and consumes power even if nothing is transfered on both devices..
- wifi hotspot eats your battery too and is slow compard to usb and sdio
- sdio there are no wired powerefficient fast sdio connections cards yet. But are hopefully coming.
- i2c ( you have to mod your working device and get afaik 400khz

The second Problem is software.
- If you run maemo you dont escape the "old software" problem but you have decent battery life and tested software.
- If you run debian n900 you have the "current software" problem
(there seems to be no good touchscreen and power optimised os for the n900/ n900 specs/ at all?) and you have a not so good battery life.

Finally I dont know how the close second device affects the radios of the first.

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This will ship from a former Nokia production facility in Hungary, to the EU, on April 1, 2017.
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hardware mod, nokia n900

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