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  1. [Under consideration] OCR and BCR for N900
  2. [Under consideration] Developers should get karma based on the relevance of their software
  3. [Under consideration] Brainstorm: Watching Brainstorm
  4. [Under consideration] Brainstorm discussion split between Brainstorm and Talk
  5. [Outdated - Under consideration] Increase opportunities for contribution
  6. [Implemented] Improving the Brainstorm layout
  7. [Implemented] Landing in Brainstorm
  8. [In development] Brainstorm: MMS Support
  9. [Under consideration] Brainstorm: contacts integration in calendar
  10. [Under consideration] Maps/Contacts/Calendar Integration
  11. [Outdated - Under consideration] Make the browser feel more a part of the system
  12. [Proposal pending] Make Internet Aware Application Support Network Proxy
  13. [Sandbox] Brainstorm: maemo.org visitor routing/referral
  14. [Implemented] Set bootscreen video... Easier.
  15. [Under consideration] Fast application launcher like quicksilver/gnome do (Sandbox)
  16. How to use Brainstorm (Read Before You Post in Brainstorm!)
  17. Bootstrapping the Brainstorm forum - ask your questions here
  18. [Under consideration] Karma for GIVING thanks in Talk
  19. [Under consideration] Profile and IM Status scheduler using Calendar
  20. [Implemented] Call recording for N900
  21. [Under consideration] Implement portrait mode in Media Player (audio)
  22. [Under consideration] Donations are not simplified and not enough emphasized
  23. [Sandbox] Getting average/mainstream user involved in product improvement
  24. [Under consideration] Another way to lock/unlock the device
  25. [Proposal pending] Make Talk and Brainstorm easier to follow under "active topics"
  26. [Under consideration] An easy way for a Windows user to start developing in Qt for Maemo 5
  27. [Under consideration] Web SMS
  28. [Sandbox] Protecting private content when lending device
  29. [Under vote] Ability for Developers to know which existings applications they can port
  30. [Implemented] Automatically grab avatars from social services for Contacts app
  31. [Under consideration] Make the device into a P.A. microphone
  32. [Under consideration] UI wait indicator
  33. [Under consideration] An indexing and tagging document manager
  34. [Idea sandbox] Maemo Merchandising
  35. [Under consideration] Using N900 to Geotag pictures taken with a DSLR
  36. [Proposal pending] 360 degree camera addon !
  37. [Sandbox] App Manager disallows installs that fill partition
  38. [In development] Share GPS
  39. [Under consideration] enable Nxxx as Wii-mote kind of device
  40. [Under consideration] Improve member awareness of and participation in community events
  41. [Proposal pending] advertising in free applications
  42. [Sandbox] Finding applications based on input method in Application Manager
  43. [Under Consideration] Improving the Maemo 5 phone experience
  44. [Sandbox] Improving the Alarmclock
  45. [Proposal pending] A multi-touch approach
  46. [SANDBOX] Brainstorm is really confusing
  47. Brainstorm News
  48. [SANDBOX] Wifi-based Proximity Profiles
  49. main menu MAGNIFIER as in s60 photo browsers...
  50. [Sandbox] New message GUI Concept
  51. [Idea Sandbox] Time based profiles
  52. [Under vote] Ovi Maps improvement suggestions
  53. [implemented] script desktop output
  54. [Under consideration] 3G Throttler (Battery Saver)
  55. [Under consideration] Get Cryptography Average Joe Ready!
  56. [Sandbox] Improving application request process
  57. Embed flash swf files in executeables?
  58. [Home Applet] Microphone Toggle
  59. [Proposal pending] Skinnable clock widget
  60. [Request] Call/Text/Data counter
  61. [Proposal pending] automatic tagging of photos of known persons
  62. [Under vote] Open source software distributed via store.ovi.com
  63. [Sandbox] Audio-only streaming App from phone to web
  64. MacGyver + NIT (Nokia Internet tablet) = ???
  65. [Sandbox] Dynamic Help Documentation
  66. UX/UI Optimization to Music Player Playlist Creation and Use
  67. [Proposal pending] (idea)Mohaa on N900
  68. Is it possible to configure accelemeter to work like physical buttons?
  69. [Outdated - Under consideration] Alarms volume
  70. Package history on Extras
  71. [Closed] Compiz Fusion port for N900
  72. [Under consideration] Undelayed bugfix releases for Nokia (OSS) packages.
  73. Controlled/sandbox mode for running app
  74. Depth of Field Master (dofmaster)
  75. Make use of the GPU? (N900)
  76. Maemo as a Mini Media Center
  77. [Sandbox] Improved Power Feeding to Maemo Devices
  78. [Outdated - Proposal pending] Bloodsugar Monitor app.
  79. [Under consideration] Maemo5 Calendar App: Recurring events
  80. [Under consideration] YELLOWNOTES app for fremantle
  81. [Sandbox] Editing posts on talk.maemo.org should bump the thread
  82. [Sandbox] Seamless audio in networked computers
  83. [Implemented] constellation-follow your star
  84. Media Player video playback does not play continuously
  85. Playlist of ringtones
  86. [Waiting] Enhance Call-divert Options
  87. SMS Classic Inbox View
  88. [Implemented] Command line applications and Extras
  89. [Under consideration] Spinning Zoom as universal Maemo gesture
  90. [under consideration] Multilanguage feed of Planet Maemo
  91. [Under consideration] conversation integration in calendar
  92. [Under consideration] catching up with long tmo threads
  93. Eliminating the media-indexer, forever.
  94. vmware-view-open-client 4.0.0 for N900?
  95. [Under consideration] Enhancing SMS experience
  96. Creating folders in the Applications screen and on Desktop
  97. Low battery alerts
  98. [Under consideration] Improving CallNotify
  99. Creating a Desktop Shortcut to the "More" icon in the Apps menu
  100. [Under consideration] Notifications Widget
  101. Indexing search in Contacts
  102. [In development] SyncML support in Maemo5!
  103. [Implemented?] Make it easier to switch to the Desktop/App Menu
  104. [Implemented] Task switcher button
  105. [Under consideration] Proposed Talk forum improvements for 2010
  106. [sandbox] N900 media player / sleep timer / gapless play
  107. Store SMS messages in an imap folder
  108. Notify users of new application releases ready for testing
  109. Priority technical support for developers
  110. [Under development] Ovi Maps - Turn by Turn Navigation
  111. [closed] 2D/QR Barcode reader for N900
  112. [sandbox] talk.maemo.org should make it easy to link to bugs
  113. [Sandbox] Improving integrated Skype on N900
  114. [Under Consideration] Camera cover app activation choice
  115. [Implemented] Support subtitles in Media Player
  116. Photos: Add Tags to Images causes File Date and Time changes on Filesystem
  117. word completion by nudge
  118. [Under consideration] Resizable desktop icons
  119. [sandbox] Phone/Contacts/Conversations application inconsistencies on N900
  120. [Sandbox] Print dialogue on various apps.
  121. More controls for multitasking
  122. Multiple phone lines via separate phones
  123. [sandbox] Adding Offline profiles
  124. [Under consideration] support for sim toolkit (sms encryption)
  125. Sharing calendar notes with other users/devices
  126. [Under consideration] More efficient and flexible use of internal flash
  127. [Under consideration] better display of battery charge level
  128. [sandbox] Accessing GAL and Company Directory on MfE
  129. [Sandbox] User experience feedback improvement(s) - feedback, app rating, bug reporting, etc
  130. [Under consideration] Ask for Security Code when attempt to "Delete All Contacts"
  131. Contacts search on all fields
  132. Customizable symbols with keyboard or atleast numpad
  133. [Under consideration] Swype input for N900
  134. [Outdated - Proposal pending] Call/SMS hide
  135. File Manager Enhancement
  136. Smart dialing using the onscreen dial pad
  137. suggestion
  138. Long press of close button to close all app windows
  139. [obsolete] new mail widget
  140. [Under consideration] Improving App-Manager: download/Install basket
  141. [Under consideration] Improve the task management support to Calendar
  142. Implement a search-able, on-line help and documentation framework for Maemo 5
  143. Provide download limits for emails based on connection type
  144. [Outdated - Proposal pending]Better calendar views maemo5
  145. [Under consideration] Day picker could be replaced by a true date picker with calendar view
  146. [Under consideration] Headset button input reader
  147. [Under consideration] Option for Full or Limited character support in SMS
  148. SIM services menu
  149. [Proposal pending] Customize LED alerts software
  150. [sandbox] How to avoid "app store anarchy" by improving the behavior of Hildon App Manager
  151. Repository Notice Would be Nice
  152. [sandbox] Ability to tweak Touch Screen Vibration feedback.
  153. Latest/Recent applications launched.
  154. Maemo Dev Center
  155. [sandbox] Time interval DSLR signals
  156. [sandbox] Augumented reality glasses interface for Maemo
  157. [sandbox] Shortcut to switch between running applications?
  158. [closed] clickable links in the "description" tab of App Manager
  159. [Proposal pending] Brainstorm for N900 video recording with GPS speed embedded in recording and movie
  160. [Sandbox] Allow editing and sorting of Track ratings in the Media Player
  161. [Proposal pending] improve widget usability.
  162. [sandbox] Brainstorm: N900 - 'Save Me' - Disaster Recovery tool
  163. [Under consideration] Add Camera support in to Flash plug-in
  164. [proposal pending] incoming call enhancement
  165. [Closed] IR Receiver module for Media Player (Just an idea)
  166. [sandbox] N900 used as wireless headphones
  167. [sandbox] Boost battery output
  168. Brainstorm - Open Discussion
  169. [Sandbox] Simple IR Reciver for N900 to add new devices to Irreco
  170. [Proposal pending] Music Player shuffle - track numbers
  171. [sandbox] Need an "offline" GPS tracking application (N900)
  172. [Under consideration] Integrated spellcheck
  173. [Proposal pending] Searching for applications
  174. [Under consideration] Improve the calendar
  175. [sandbox] Internet connection on off automatic
  176. [sandbox] Caldav support for Maemo calendar
  177. [sandbox] Easier way of typing accentuated characters
  178. [Proposal pending] Quick and effective way to change music tracks on the move
  179. [sandbox] Hiding Contacts and Conversations.
  180. [Proposal pending] Enhancement idea for the N900 alarm and calendar snooze system
  181. [under consideration] Actions when Device is LOCKED and a event like Aleart, Alarm or Call happens
  182. [Proposal pending] Mediaplayer with Bluetooth
  183. [Proposal pending] Haptic feedback profiles
  184. [sandbox] making important news visible
  185. [sandbox] Add caller specific ring tones & alarm specific tones (N900)
  186. Improve visual feedback displayed to the user user in the email client when performing long operations
  187. [Sandbox] Add PPTP (VPN) support for Connnection Manager
  188. [Sandbox] Make Extras-testing better/faster
  189. [Sandbox] Wireless music sync for Media (especially music)
  190. new standby screen
  191. [Under consideration] Change UI for incoming call in portrait mode [split Answer and Reject buttons]
  192. [Proposal pending] Beyond Caller Groups
  193. [Sandbox] Additional Frequency support
  194. [sandbox] Photos application to display folders > pictures
  195. [Sandbox] How about a complete N900 emulator?
  196. Sleep Timer for N900
  197. [Sandbox] maemo.org Community Outreach Team
  198. [Sandbox] Multi-touch functionality
  199. [sandbox] Ballistic Calculator for Maemo
  200. Lyrics support in the Media Player
  201. [Proposal Pending] Enhanced telephone "search function"
  202. [Sandbox] Lost and Found (wifi AP positioning)
  203. [Proposal pending] widgets to be used to "window" applications
  204. [Proposal pending] Safely Remove Memory Card
  205. [DOUBLE Meta-Phone-App] Optimize time/performance/usability of common actions in Phone UI
  206. Video Call Support
  207. [Proposal pending] Remote disabling and tracking of phone
  208. [Sandbox] MediaPlayer: Artist list is too long (Compilation Albums)
  209. [Metastorm] Proposed Talk forum improvements for 2010
  210. [Sandbox] MicroB WebBrowser: possibility to scroll fast in long websites
  211. [Proposal pending] Soundracer for Maemo5
  212. [Proposal pending]: OpenAL HW implementation for maemo/N900
  213. [Proposal pending] N900 automatic communication with a CMS
  214. [Proposal pending] Search android-like
  215. [Sandbox] Answering Machine for N900
  216. [Sandbox] electronic compass
  217. Phone answering: avoid accidental accept/refuse call
  218. [Sandbox] Desktop Nakedifier
  219. [Proposal pending] hildon menu - Back Button instead of "click somewhere else"
  220. Interface for desktop computing
  221. Overclocking cradle
  222. Providing support for Generic Access Network (GAN)/Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA)
  223. Auto Login for IM and VoiP accounts.
  224. improved group chat support
  225. [Under consideration] Remove 256MB limitation of the rootfs partition in the N900
  226. What is the success rate for "Brainstorms"
  227. MicroB - Hide float mode button when in float mode
  228. [Under consideration]higher framerate on transitions
  229. MicroB "Back" Button Behaviour Change (Maemo5)
  230. MicroB and zooming
  231. Improve access to new SMSs
  232. Improves to Events/Task/Notes menu
  233. [Under consideration] Add Scrollbars
  234. Add N900 Password recovery
  235. talk.maemo.org large thread filter on thanks tweak
  236. Tag-based Menu for N900 applications
  237. Add options for unknown IM contact management
  238. Scheduled call and data timer clearing
  239. [Under consideration] Consistent Address Book
  240. OCR from photos, Maemo 5 on N900, just like SonyEricsson P1i
  241. Stylus and finger friendly UIs
  242. Media Player Scroll Bar and Controls N900
  243. [Under consideration] Call with Skype should have Details (home), (work)
  244. Using N900 as a Bluetooth reciever for a Headset on the computer?
  245. Firmware updates without changelogs
  246. How to format N900
  247. fine tuning the touchscreen feedback
  248. [Under consideration] Adaptive backlight time-out
  249. independent volume control
  250. Voice synthizer used for SMS's when bluetooth is connected