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  1. Jolla phones: not so open
  2. Sailfish(Jolla): Ideas/Qns & Concerns/Criticisms
  3. is there hope for running sailfish os on n900
  4. UI Concept - How a N9 user would have liked Sailfish to be like
  5. Sailfish SDK version 1608 (2.0.2) Qt5 released
  6. What is MER, NEMO and what is the relation with Meego?
  7. [Work In Progress] Ogre3D on Sailfish
  8. Sailfish T-shirt
  9. UI Question/suggestion
  10. Sailfish app market
  11. jolla taking too long???
  12. SailfishOS SDK Bugs/Fixes/Tips
  13. The story of libhybris
  14. It's possible to port Sailfish to N900?
  15. Sailfish Silica pattern for your backgrounds
  16. Sailfish core functionality (Accounts and DLNA)
  17. RepRap uses some 'Sailfish' firmware name?
  18. Firefox / Embedlite on Mer/Sailfish
  19. What Applications would you like to see on Sailfish Devices?
  20. Jolla as pentesting device - open wifi driver?
  21. Proposal for Jolla to use open social networks
  22. Jolla's GSM/CDMA/LTE protocol stack ..thoughts/doubts
  23. Akademy 2013 Keynote: Jolla's Vesa-Matti Hartikainen
  24. Porting Sailfish to N9
  25. Other Half Camera Lens
  26. Running android apps on Jolla, how?
  27. Zopo Sailfish Device
  28. Sailfish OS Closed Source Components
  29. Preview of ownNotes (KhtNotes clone) with ownCloud sync
  30. JOlla Please make the mobile with hardware keyboard
  31. [Announce] Quick Clamshell
  32. Python & Qt5 on Sailfish
  33. Need help
  34. HTC and Jolla - Partners?
  35. Apple iPhone 5C and China Mobile - what does this mean for jolla?
  36. PRESS RELEASE: HELSINKI September 16, 2013
  37. Usage profiles on Sailfish?
  38. PyQt5 and QQuickImageProvider
  39. Maep ported to Sailfish, work in progress
  40. Catching close event
  41. About Sailfish community
  42. HERE maps on Sailfish os!!!
  43. I have nominated SailfishOS to an spanish libre software contest
  44. SailfishOS icon templates
  45. SailfishOS bugs and glitches
  46. Default browser and Mozilla services on Sailfish
  47. Thoughts about N9, SailfishOS and alien dalvik
  48. How to access SMS database in Sailfish?
  49. Keyboard layouts for Jolla's Sailfish OS
  50. [Announce] speedcrunch mobile on Jolla store
  51. Jolla Phone and Google Play Store
  52. Closing an application without killing main loop
  53. Threat of lawsuits?
  54. Secure IM on Sailfish and AlienDalvik
  55. [Update] Changelog for SailfishOS update 1 (
  56. Nokia N9 Sailfish OS How to make partition?
  57. About C++ compiler
  58. 64bit sailfish - will jolla follow Tizen with pushing 64bit mobile linux?
  59. JS/QML/Silica: Dynamic PullDownMenu?
  60. Sailfish Sale Pitch!
  61. Jolla and Hildon UI
  62. Could someone buy JollaPhone and send it to me?
  63. error while flashing sailfish
  64. Last Sailfish OS updated on my N950
  65. Sailfish: Security / Privacy
  66. Extra softwares in Sailfish using CLI, repositories, etc
  67. Problems with Meego apps after installing Sailfish
  68. Aptoide store
  69. Terminal Bash commands
  70. Sailfish (Jolla), Bluetooth PAN or DUN, and OS X
  71. 1Mobile Android App Store
  72. Wifi connection to wpa2 ttls pap network
  73. Deleting multiple or all contacts
  74. Jolla Mobile Data: There is a problem with this connection
  75. personal Jolla Bootlogo
  76. Sailfish for Nokia N9
  77. Icon modification for "Non-Jolla" style launcher icons
  78. Sailfish Email Client
  79. developer mode password?
  80. Mosh and fingerterm -e
  81. autostart
  82. gPodder migration to Sailfish tfrom N9
  83. userContent.css for tmo to be bearable on sailfish browser
  84. MTP support on Mac OSX
  85. Mediaplayer/video/camera/trackerd related bugs in sailfishos
  86. NFC Feature
  87. google calendar sync
  88. [Solved} Tweetian - No Authentication (Jolla / Sailfish)
  89. lost my /opt/alien/system backup
  90. Android apps on the background
  91. Workaround for 'SMTP error' bug
  92. Other languages on Jolla / Sailfish
  93. [HOWTO] Using DuckDuckGo as Default search in Sailfish
  94. Android & Camera compatibility
  95. [WIP] Cargo Dock, a two-paned Sailfish filemanager with Dropbox and WebDAV
  96. [WIP] LLs Video Player
  97. Shared community repository
  98. New Q&A site for Jolla/SailfishOS
  99. Offline Navigation with android APPS
  100. Bluetooth compatibility
  101. Show your photos taken with Jolla Sailfish!
  102. installing.rpm
  103. Changing the build.prop
  104. Mitakuuluu [Whatsapp for Sailfish]
  105. [WiP] Porting Emumaster 0.3.0 to Qt5/SailfishOS
  106. [Announce] MeePasswords for SailfishOS
  107. [Announce] Q To-Do for SailfishOS
  108. Moar decibels!
  109. changing android app icons
  110. Sailfish update 2;
  111. Alien Dalvik (Android) Settings
  112. Solution to mark all Mails as read?
  113. Contacts in applications screen
  114. Overzealous suspend everything watchdog [workaround included]
  115. Email drafts
  116. [Application discovery] Hotspot/tethering
  117. Favorite Setting ambience
  118. LED pattern modification
  119. Can't deploy/connect to Jolla device
  120. Reboot, a simple app icon to reboot your device
  121. Sailfish beta media capabilities?
  122. Wallpaper4U
  123. How are the contacts stored @SailfishOS
  124. [Announce] Tethering
  125. Set Toggle On/Off in favorite
  126. HEEBO game porting to Sailfish?
  127. Simple way of installing .rpm
  128. android apps and Bluetooth
  129. [Application discovery] Jopas - Journey planner for Helsinki & Tampere area - based on Meegopas.
  130. Media player: questions and ideas
  131. Personal thoughts and critics about Jolla/Sailfish OS
  132. [Announce] Perth Trains - Live Departures for Jolla (Sailfish OS)
  133. [SOLVED] Zypper error
  134. Autostarting software with systemd
  135. How to install all video and audio codec
  136. mine QRK (quarkcoin) on your Jolla
  137. How to configure TCP/IP
  138. [ANNOUNCE] Apache webserver
  139. [ANNOUNCE] Nmap
  140. [ANNOUNCE] Hexedit
  141. [ANNOUNCE] MOSH mobile shell
  142. MfE Exchange sync - no "profiled" contacts, no Globals, and no two-way?
  143. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Import n900 sms to Jolla with jolla-morse (gui)
  144. Anyone working on VLC remote for SailfishOS?
  145. why no date displayed
  146. [HOW-TO] OpenVPN on the command line
  147. [In Store][v0.4] SailOTP - A Sailfish Google Authenticator Client
  148. how to send mp3 file via bluetooth
  149. [WIP] VLC remote for SailfishOS 1.3.0 Full release
  150. Is there SIP to SIP free call for Jolla?
  151. Phone Speaker Switcher?
  152. Making a metronome for the Jolla / Sailfish, trials and tribulations
  153. [SOLVED] Sailfish Toolkit installer crashing on Ubuntu
  154. Snow white and First half ambience
  155. Sailfish(Jolla): Prospects & Strategy
  156. When will real Sailfish OS "1.0" be released?
  157. Flashlight - Shady Network Usage
  158. Tinkering with DBus on Jolla
  159. Exporting VCF
  160. Stellarium Mobile
  161. Disable double tap to wake?
  162. Sailfish on Motorola photon Q?
  163. How to activate wifi without going Settings
  164. Usb Drivers for WindowsXP
  165. Smaler but anoying issues with SailfishOS
  166. Display clock
  167. [WIP] Japanese input method for Sailfish OS (now with 99% less crashes)
  168. VPNC Trunk (working with FritzBox) on Jolla
  169. Why are you developing for SailfishOS?
  170. Clock alarm
  171. Firefox
  172. Ubuntu
  173. [REQUEST] ScummVM on Jolla!
  174. SailfishOS RDP Server Plugin for QT Apps
  175. [Announce] RPM Installer - GUI for instaling local rpm files
  176. google play store
  177. IRC Client?
  178. Reverse engineering skype and viber, anyone?
  179. Sailfish Broswer (hidden) settings
  180. [Announce] StultitiaSimplex, a simple "Sound Board" for SailfishOS
  181. Email application Sync Error
  182. [ANNOUNCE] goViihde an Elisa Viihde client for Jolla
  183. [Solved] Jolla store: stubborn update notifications
  184. UK delivery (vat question)
  185. 7zip file
  186. Drastic DS
  187. Temple Run 2
  188. [Announce] Kernel work for N9 required to keep SailfishOS port alive
  189. Adding new fonts without need to reboot
  190. "3G only" mode
  191. Help with bricked Jolla
  192. IPv6 DHCP not working correctly
  193. [HowTo][WIP] use real sdcard as home-partition and/or for android data
  194. ipad and jolla together wifi some pb
  195. updating apps on 1mobile marketplace jolla
  196. [TESTING] rygel DLNA/UPNP streaming media server
  197. libpcap for sailfish?
  198. The Emoji Keyboard
  199. [Problem] Mounting samba shares
  200. Network Monitoring
  201. After Porting To Sailfish
  202. Refresh homescreen on Jolla ?
  203. Root & User SSH access to Jolla via WinSCP
  204. bluetooth keyboard
  205. How to run script as ROOT from desktop icon ?
  206. Porting Sailfish to Android Devices
  207. Create calendar entry through app
  208. SOLVED Bluetooth not available on my Jolla!
  209. sygic
  210. is that a new pdate comming? 1033
  211. [Announce] ownKeepass - A KeepassX port to Sailfish OS
  212. Sailfish released accidentally
  213. Hangul input method for Jolla / Sailfish OS
  214. [ANNOUNCE] Korean input method for Sailfish OS
  215. Copy/paste in the browser..
  216. Dictionary of vkb ?
  217. Facebook contacts in people
  218. Jolla wont pair with BT module!!
  219. [Announce] Dalvik resetter + Profile changer for Sailfish
  220. Other Half for N9?
  221. bluetooth pb
  222. [Announce] Quanto Fa, an RPN calculator for SailfishOS
  223. How to prevent installation of RPM file ?
  224. Sailfish Update coming today
  225. Feedly (or other) RSS reader for Sailfish.
  226. Jan 31 NY TImes article featuring Jolla
  227. Crating a Table from XML file
  228. Maliit keyboard: adjust popup timings
  229. Salfish update broke the Exchange support
  230. Pls file
  231. Modded android Apps
  232. [SOLVED] Update to using usb connection
  233. Change Android-ID in Sailfish
  234. Sailfish absorb Mer?
  235. How to Wipe and Root Android part?
  236. [MOD] Always start Telephone into dialer mode
  237. libas-protocol in Sailfish - open source or closed source?
  238. 4G/LTE on Jolla
  239. Other half developper kit is published
  240. [Announce][0.1-7] Filetug - file manager application for SailfishOS
  241. Is it possible to start some program while charging?
  242. [Announce] Start as root your file manager.
  243. Good text editor for Jolla ?
  244. syncevolution --restore
  245. Test device lock
  246. Android notifications on Sailfish lock screen
  247. SDK and install pahts
  248. Looking for a Sailfish developer
  249. [ANNOUNCE] IRC for Sailfish
  250. [solved by NIELDK] Openssh=>5.7 for Sailfish ?