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  1. [OT slightly] about Android etc, compared to Fremantle
  2. the Fremantle Porting Task Force, or "how to run maemo on Neo900"
  3. fremantle on other platforms
  4. FreeMaemo/NeoMaemo/Fremantle - New phone
  5. Roadmap for Fremantle-on-Neo900?
  6. Request for kernel people
  7. How to replace GPS subsystem for Neo900
  8. N900 kernel usage audit
  9. Random Neo900 audio thoughts
  10. Plans for PulseAudio
  11. libc upgrading notes
  12. Notes on N900 Cellular Services Daemon
  13. Will NeoFremantle/Fremantle-On-Neo900 need to support these items?
  14. interesting Neo900 audio thoughts/ideas