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My advice would be to wait for QtLocation 5.6 (maybe we need a new community IRC pressure meeting?) or if you can't wait, ask Martin about his pure QML component. Poor Maps uses QtLocation's Map component, but has custom tile loading to work around stuff like this, but that's not designed to be reusable.
There have been two main reasons for using a custom QML map component:
- lack of functionality & unconvincing performance of QtLocation
- QtLocation not being Jolla Store compatible and would thus be preventing modRana from being distributed via the Jolla store

Number one likely is less of an issue nowadays due to the ongoing work on QtLocation but it's quite a shame number two still stands after all those years and complicates application development if any mapping/navigation functionality is required.

In any case this is what modRana is using:
It's a QML/Javascript component for efficient display of tiled maps with overlay support. Feel free to use it if you want (it's GPLv3) but I have to note it's not fully standalone and you would likely have to also take the related modRana subsystems as well. For example map tile download and caching is done by a Python module, etc. I have tentative plans to make QML map component more standalone and more easy to reuse in other application by I haven't really got to that.

For that reason it might make sense to also take a look at the QML map component used by Foursail:

It should be quite similar to the modRana PinchMap (both modRana and Frousail projects started with the old PoinchMap.qml from AGTL), a bit less advanced and possibly quite a bit more standalone.
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