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I've started working on the OnePlus3 port:
Let's see how far I'll go

I'm basing on this image:

  • [DONE] Build hybris-hal
  • [DONE] Fix kernel configuration
  • [DONE] Package Android HAL
  • [DONE] Build the SFOS rootfs
  • Test the image
Download link:
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Current state: boots.
* but the Sailfish UI crashes
* the connectivity doesn't work, current findings: (log from #sailfishos-porters)
<marmistrz> I found the reason I have problems with connectivity on my OnePlus 3
<marmistrz> the rndis0 interface is constantly registered and unregistered by the kernel - this looks like some conflicting/missing configuration option
<marmistrz> the dwc3 and RMNET messages are red in the journal, so errors
<marmistrz> And the only thing that is mentioned in the qcom init files about rndis0 is: write /sys/class/net/rndis0/queues/rx-0/rps_cpus ${sys.usb.rps_mask}, commenting it out doesn't change anything
How to get logs?
1. Enable
in /etc/systemd/journald.conf or create the directory /var/log/journal
2. After you force shutdown SFOS, you'll find the logs in
3. copy onto your computer, open with journalctl
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Projects no longer actively developed: here

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